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  • jiarealty jiarealty Jan 18, 2013 4:22 PM Flag

    AVEO stock price behavior is backwards

    When the FDA agreed to accept to review AVEO's NDA package, AVEO price tumbled. Aveo announces public offering at $7.50 and price jumps to $7.81. This makes no sense at all. By mid Feb, overall survival abstract data should come out, this will make or break AVEO.

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    • ill give u a clue, several bio boys with many followers said they were buying AVEO for short term price movement, and what ya know its up....see they get in announce their buy put out a short article and the stock moves up on their followers following, just watch out when they say they sold.......cuz it will go down..........they were all over twitter the last few days saying they had bought........

    • geezem, after all these years people still don't get it, it's got almost nothing to do with the science, and all to do with the cash, and the manipulation by ws crooks! Can you short, can I short, no, of course not, we can't control the price, can the ws kabal short, you bet, with the help of the cfo and ceo, it's how money is made these days, get real, watch the belly, and stay away from the teeth, all else is bs.

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      • quit complaining - i held aveo from the IPO at 8 bucks until data readout in Jan 2012 when i sold entirely at 14. The stock movement since then is predictable because the Jan 2012 data were not as good as the previously released ph II data. Any holder of Aveo right now is drinking the koolaid if they believe the stock will ramp upon NDA approval or if they believe a buyout is imminent. The market, and any potential buyout, will wait until tivo performs in the market against PFE's established RCC franchise. Tivo is a good drug - but it faces alot of competition. There are better biotech bets out there.

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