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  • iamgoldpumper iamgoldpumper May 3, 2013 11:06 AM Flag

    I have famliy members that have died from Kidney Cancer ! ( I invested in Aveo for that reason )


    and Tivo does work

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    • regulatoryexpert May 3, 2013 11:41 AM Flag

      If your family members died, then blame yourself!! You mean to say you didn't investigate the currently available or marketed innovative drugs for kidney cancer???
      Since 2002, many innovative drugs with striking response and PFS rates (including survival for temsirolumus) were approved and why would you look for Tivo to treat your own family members???
      The management at Aveo lost credibility!!! How can you think one can fool the FDA by presenting results derived from patients outside the US, where the monitoring of clinical trial conduct is poor. and possibly Aveo clinical data management manipulated the data??? very very bad trial design!!! I checked who the clinical head at Aveo is, he came from Pfizer that clearly tells everything!!! he probably thought he could bring the fraudulent schemes he learned at Pfizer to bring it to Aveo and fool the FDA to gain approval.....very bad!!! One should never trust these guys anymore!!! Remember GPC biotech with their prostate cancer drug??? the management did similar thing and only during the ODAC everyone found out the real story!!!

    • I watched the meeting streaming, and I felt for the others who were guest speakers, to show up and lay themselves out there and have the door slammed on them like that. I have to blame AVEO and if I was a shareholder I would be on board with these lawsuits. They did not put the diligence into presenting the results, and the after hours call was a complete disgrace and disservice to the shareholders.

      I hope AVEO can straighten this out quickly...

    • You have told them to take Inlyta or Sutent - they'd live longer than if they ended up in the tivo arm of Aveo's ph III trial

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