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  • holywallst holywallst Apr 25, 2011 8:53 PM Flag

    "Unusual trading activity" translates to Crash

    Happened to BRN and so many other stocks

    Every time a stock goes parabolic in a few days and NYSE asks the co. for an explanation (like BRN a few months ago), the co. says gee we dont know what happened. Cant really blame the co. either, what r they gonna say "oh yeah, we went up because our MM sure knows how to manipulate the stock so his buddy Wall St. funds can SELL SELL SELL at the 'mostest' highs and then some, and then once those funds cash out at the top, we plan to crash it back down in a heartbeat. The fund may then issue a commission check to the MM for pulling off this "unusual trading activity". Its all part of manipulation"

    Do you really expect the co. to give this explanation to NYSE? Thanks for letting us manipulate so key players can sell at highs and sheep can be led to slaughter, just look the other way while we pull it off NYSE. LOL

    In my opinion, I think thats whats going on....MM "unusual trading". oh please, we know exactly what caused this unusual trading.

    Shorts have evolved too: People like me now play it both ways. Short w/ 1 broker, Long with the other broker or scalping it again and again.

    I will Sell tomorrow too at the highest price I get for an overnight trade. Will short at the highest price I get tomorrow by 11 am

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