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  • holywallst holywallst May 2, 2011 10:04 AM Flag

    $5-5.50 by end of this week. Fall has started

    The fall has finally started

    Like all over pumped and overvalued stocks, correction must come. sometimes it takes few days, sometimes a few weeks

    Those with patience (hint: me me) always win

    I COVERED my short now. As you know, I shorted this at the top several days ago (see my real time posts from past days if you dont believe me)

    For all those making fun of me for shorting the TOP few days ago, here's me rubbing my hard cash profits on your face

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    • I love the warm feeling that QPSA going down brings to me???

      Feels so good shorting this at the highs, though I did make a few quick daytrades in the past going long QPSA, so I am thankful for that too

      But now, I just want to see it go down down down.............

    • You think it's going down, but you just covered your short-- that makes sense.

      It's a little correction and going back to 10

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      • Maybe so, maybe I will ride it to $10 and then short at $10 again, just when stupid folks reply to me, saying "how does your short hurt now??"

        I laugh at those posts, get a kick out of that. Little do they know how I trade and how much money I made shorting this

        Cant wait to short this at $10 (actually whenever my trading filters tell me to short, so I am not really looking at a set price)

        Since my trading filters asked me to cover, I covered. Some profit better than no profit or a loss.

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