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  • bruceleedominator bruceleedominator Jan 9, 2008 12:51 PM Flag

    Wasn't this a $5 stock a year ago?

    A litle over a year ago. this is scary...the charts are screaming 2002 all over again.

    Back to the baseball card principle:

    A card is only worth as much as someone else will pay for it, not how much it is worth in the book(beckett).

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    • TBSI has more than doubled their in last two years & rates are 75% higher while the same number of shares are still outstanding. Many of TBSI ships were acquired when rates were cheaper and thus the ship costs were not that much.

    • not sure what the book is . I was in a 6 something in sep 06 when avg volume was 35 k . they have more ships and shop help there earnings going forward .

    • true, but din;t the street price in explosive growith over the next few years?

      It just seems like Wall Street can't play all their "foward lokking games" anymore. Finally, an investor can be rewarded by their company's perfromance rather than some pretend Bullshit future growth number that the street concocts to drive up the price of a stock.

      LOL, all that "this time is different" is out the wondow now. Forget al that historical PPS crap. The fact is that cash is tight and geting mroe expensive and people will liquidate their holdings in stocks with foward looking market caps.

      LOL, the liquidation value of every company will plummet because the last seeral years were fueled by pretend asset valuations. Everyone's assets are vulnerable, not just those backed by subprime.