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  • neilbratter neilbratter Oct 14, 2008 7:22 AM Flag

    The Election


    As a political science student, I find the evolution of the current presidential election cycle more extraordinary than any in my lifetime, far surpassing the 1960 election cycle which brought the first Catholic and very young JFK.

    I was thinking how it took a miracle for Obama to defeat the Clinton machine in the primaries. A feat that will be studied for many years in political circles. After the mind boggling capture of the Democratic nomination, Obama had to face one of America's greatest living military heroes who regardless of his weaknesses seemed destined to become president. How could a very young, black, extremely liberal Democrat defeat a heroic, bipartisan oriented WHITE Republican who managed his own miraculous capture of the Republican party nomination.

    Then the economy just died from years of abuse and rape. And, if that were not fortuitous enough, McCain proved he cannot manage a campaign forget about a Nation. Aside from making every mistake in the book vs Obama who has shown his cool under fire and superior intellect and managerial skill, McCain chooses a young woman with questionable credentials for shock value to juice his losing campaign as his VP running mate. Obama may win by a landslide. If not, he will only win by a large margin. The ironic thing is that Obama may prove to be the savior of our lost would be a challange for him to make things in this country worse. I do believe that we will not survive as a great nation until more of us are doing well. I have always believed that.

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    • XTO CEO sold shares as well...Was McClendon (sp) greedy or what?? why so much on margin risking shareholder value...

    • Yea? Never forget a blck man invented the STOP LIGHT. lol -jack-

    • I see Obama being in many respects similar to Roosevelt.....except much smarter for two reasons.

      First, Obama has a better intellect - whether you agree with his policies or not.

      Second, Obama has the benefit of history. He has the ability to learn what worked and what didn't work from Roosevelt's administration.

      Obama has also surrounded himself with the right set of economists, and has the ability to quickly and correctly grasp what they are saying. McCain surrounds himself with Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina, both of who drove their respective large organizations into the dirt (EBay and Hewlett Packard). Whitman built EBay, but couldn't run it after it became large. Carly Fiorina drove three different large companies or organizations into the ground, and couldn't run a lawn mower if it was started for her.

      Obviously, several social programs and regulatory handbooks will be dusted off by Obama. That doesn't necessarily mean they have to be bad. I doubt very seriously we will see the days of 70% tax rates again, as existed under Jimmy Carter (a complete economic moron, but a good mediator). Every politician today knows full well that if you jack up corporate and individual tax rates too high, capital and jobs will leave this country faster Lindsey Lohan can leave an AA meeting.

      It's the same with unions. They know they can't choke the companies they work for. In this regard, I think the democrats have gotten a little smarter. The days of Ted Kennedy are dead. For that matter, Ted Kennedy almost is as well.

      I see the democrats more focused on the needs of America. Keep jobs in this country. Get manufacturing back to this country. Put regulations and enforcement in place again to keep honest CEOs honest. Build up our own infrastructure instead of Iraq's. Energy independence, along with clean energy. I'm undecided though on the right way to handle healthcare issues. I don't want socialized medicine, but I am in favor of health insurance portability.

      We cannot continue to let profit be the be-all-and-end-all motive of corporations. If that happens, our corporations will prioritize building the infrastructure of China over that of the U.S. I don't think it's right to prioritize a communist country over our democracy! The etical thing to do is to recognize you are free in this country. Our corporations must recognize that to invest in China, at the expense of not investing here, is wrong. Trade is one thing (which also needs to be fixed in favor of the U.S.), but once capital flows out, it NEVER comes back! In Intel builds a semiconductor plant in China, that building will NEVER come back to America! Futhermore, nor will the jobs it creates, nor will the technical know-how, nor will the management experience, nor will the manufacturing capability, nor will the on-the-job education those jobs create. This must be changed, and we cannot count on republicans to do it.

    • butters1976 Oct 14, 2008 1:58 PM Flag

      I presume you are talking about the bailout and I agree. The problem with your argument is that it was not a planned/strategic intervention. No one can argue that Republican policies are more socialistic than Democratic policies. Democratic socialistic policies had a big hand in getting us here. The very foundations of what makes America great will be hurt by Democrats in the log run. It's not going to happen with Obama or the next candidate but over time it will.

    • Neil.

      The spin stops here. I speak nothing but the truth, I always have, I'm not capable of telling a lie (except that one!). Ha....

    • butters1976 Oct 14, 2008 11:26 AM Flag


      So, let's give unqualified people mortgages so everyone is doing better. That's what the democrats have been pushing and you have to admit it is at least partially to blame for the financial crisis.

      I agree with what everything you said about Mccain. I don't agree about Obama being the savior. The only thing that is going to save America is personal responsibility, not taking away that responsibility by having the government take care of everyone. I grew up in a socialist country and I don't like where things are headed in the US.