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Synthetech, Inc. (NZYM) Message Board

  • kumakiller kumakiller Sep 5, 2000 5:39 PM Flag

    +29% gain: why no messages?

    OK: I know this stock isn't very widely held, but
    why hasn't anyone even posted a message yet
    why the heck we had a +29% jump in this
    today? ...well, I'll just post this and
    ask "Why the
    heck did we have a +29% jump today"?

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    • What's to say? Waiting for news... I was in and out of this stock earlier this year and bought back in last week. HOORAY!

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      • I think there was some messages regarding a
        merger this week end. I also heard the same thing a
        couple of weeks at a VC/Meds convention in LA. Who knows
        but it does seem that there is a strong group
        accumulating. This could tend to support the 'merger/AQ'
        theory. I have yet to see a posting, news or story on
        anything concrete regarding this.

        What the heck
        we'll take it. I still like their technology and my
        friends at Berkley Labs say this company has a strong
        patent pipeline for uses of their technology. I own a
        little and my investment club owns a lot

        Great days ahead... I hope.