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  • yando1946 yando1946 Mar 10, 2006 3:28 PM Flag

    Waiting for the company to release

    Look at all the institutional holders including the famous Tudor Investment Corp. 69 institutions hold shares in PGNX--and that is folks who make their living investing in the right companies.

    This is very high for a bio tech company.

    Why--because all the major drugs are progressing in line of fast tracking. All you need it for one to reach market and BINGO. Anything in biotech is speculative--but this is about as good as it gets..

    I have a relative who works for the company. He buys regularly and he is in a position to know that what you read on their homepage is the truth.

    I just bought 500 shares today. It will bounce around until FDA approval will almost surely come on one of their three major drugs and probably more. Then it is a very happy day for all who bought and held through the inevitable ups and down of bio tech companies like this before FDA approval.

    Wyeth coming is a good thing folks--they don't waste their time with small companies like this that don't have the real thing. The only thing for employees is tha some are afraid they will be bought by Wyeth. They like the family--but for shareholders that would also be a boon.

    Nothing is for sure, but if you are going into the R&D biotech world this is about as good as it gets. If you don't want risk and want slow growth do a big dividend stock. If you can handle a little risk with a very high upside this is the place to go.

    Look at analyst opinion. Everything is from Market Perform and up>

    You can buy later, but later may be too late.

    So no one should put all their money in to this because of the risk element, but if you can afford to have something with the possibility of very high capital appreciation and a little bit of risk, this is as good a place as any in the whole doggone market.

    Everyone alwasy want to buy before the rocket takes off. this one is primed wiht a little bit of patience.

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