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  • sweetonu2babe sweetonu2babe May 30, 2000 10:34 AM Flag


    wouldn't buy this stock at this price? this is a no brainer. Imo

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    • at Prudential - rated HOLD
      $18 at Ferer -
      rated OUTPERFORM
      CIBC just trying to save their
      ass....$40 is a total JOKE.

      PGNX won't hold $10
      today. I expect to see $8 by Friday. Lower if and when
      BMY pulls the plug.

      Daytraders dumping dumping
      dumping and churning churning churning. Huge
      institutional over-hang like dark storm clouds ready to rain
      down on you.

      Beware the pumpers on this board.
      They are the sellers. HIV news was lame PR hype - a
      cheap inflatable device that will not act as a

      Nice pre-market short at $11+ for those that know
      what's going on.

      If PGNX was such a "bah-gan" it
      would have at least hit $13 this morning. Volume drying
      up faster than a dead cat on a hot

      beware hype

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      • Company has $66.4M in cash or $5.5 per share with
        almost no liabilities. Company is continuing with its
        projects and as biopharmaceutical company has huge
        potential. They have resources to continue with the
        development until completion. Looks like on friday it was
        overreaction. right now traders are trying to buy shares from
        weak hands (still exist) at atractive prices, but soon
        more and more investors will understand that company
        worth mucu more than $10 per share.

      • Oh my! how astute! words such as, "save their
        ass," or, "dark clouds," "lame PR hype," "a cheap
        inflatable device," you pull numbers out of the air, much
        like what is between your ears. I know that you are
        hoping to boost your short position, but if you shorted
        at 10 or 11, then you sir, are a moron. NEXT!

    • and you really believe what this guy told you?

5.23-0.31(-5.60%)Oct 24 4:00 PMEDT