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  • philipstekel philipstekel Jan 8, 2013 7:07 PM Flag

    Does pfizer act as a HEDGE against ONVO?

    Attention all of you ONVO genius'. Perhaps those of you who are "nervous"...might consider investing in some Pfizer (PFE) as a HEDGE with your organovo investment.

    I hear the "pump and dump" intelligencia..........but Pfizer has committed capital for how long?...... Conclusion:Pfizer's money talks............pump and dumper's.......take a walk..........or maybe take a different look.

    Look at Pfizer's chart..........reverse head and shoulders. This would indicate a BUY on Pfizer (PFE) and with a company who has a PE of 20.17 and a market cap of 191.5 BILLION and a dividend yield of 3.69%...........a 50-50 investment equates to about a 1.7% yield with either unlimited growth from ONVO adding to pfizer's bottom line AND organovo as a separate GROWTH stock......... or a long term..........slow growth return on investment to cover losses in case ONVO takes the ultimate #$%$.

    The amount of money that Pfizer is investing in ONVO is "chump change" to them........ but all companies will take a chance after not only "due diligence" but spending sums of $$$ to determine the likelihood and probability of return on investment.

    A company that invests TWICE.........thinks they are TWICE as likely to see something in the long term even if it may take TWICE as long........


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    • The chance of ONVO doubling, tripling, etc in value is far far greater than the chance of a big player doing the same. We are in ONVO speculating on this possibility. It may even be acquired, likely at a 100% premium, which just cant happen for a big player. Granted this stock is no place for a large chunk of any portfolio, but it certainly has a place in the play-money part. Would you have preferred to be in MSFT or in IBM back in 1985 ? The same arguments as you state can be made, and the MSFT holders became multi-millionaires while the IBM holders followed the broader market.

      Also you are clearly confused about the word "hedge". You might mean "diversification" but your thoughts don't really imply this either.

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    • no opinion, but thanks for your post

    • PFE would not be considered a hedge, it would be considered as diversification. Of course ONVO is speculative at this point but diversifying between many good stocks would soften any loss that you have. ONVO should only be a small portion of any portfolio. I have no idea where this stock goes but feel worth a shot for long term hold with small amount of money. I bought 30K for around 2.10 and sold 20K today for 3.15. I still own 10K for almost a zero cost basis. need no hedge. good luck

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    • I am indirectly invested in Pfizer, through PJP. 50% growth in the past 2 years is nothing to sneeze at.

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