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  • skysail1981 skysail1981 Jan 22, 2013 3:46 PM Flag

    Don't forget the 15 mln warrants coming up as long as the stock closes above 2.5 in 20 consecutive days!

    just a reminder

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    • Thank you for reminding us and you are very astute my friend!!! Judging by the volume recently, people are "trading" this stock and not just buying it as a speculation.

      I think it would be wise to sell at sometime before the warrants are called since the last time was a 50% haircut (give or take)?

      Then let the dust settle and get back in again.

      One of the posters mentioned about a university in Canada creating similar technology for 3-d tissue printing. Some concerns were raised if this is good or bad. Remember that this technology needs to be patented and a foreign country will probably have to wait a little while before the patent could be used in the U.S. can go to Canada but then you have to deal with their health system which applies to Canadian citizens. Foreigners (such as us) would be subject to a different set of standards. I'm not really worried. There is enough room for both technologies.

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      • I am not sure thata the volume means real interest and not speculation, Sure, go ahead and sell some, I already cleared a few thousands. There are competitive companies, the key here is that ONVO is kind of a pioneer, and they will get royalties form every pill Pfizer makes using their tech. Still to be seen if the thech. will prove reliable and useable.

    • Onvo closed at 2.49 on 1/4/13 so my count is 8 days to this potential dump of 15 million shares. 15 million would be a big number of shares for all these recent avid buyers to swallow and would seriously test this recent big onvo rally.

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      • My calculations are the same as yours. This stock is like my Siberian Husky..........she can run like the wind but once she runs in the wrong direction.........she is subject to getting "run over".
        I'm no expert but if I had warrants I paid a buck for and had a chance to sell at 5x, 6x or more...........I'd sell.
        I suspect this stock still has room to run for at least the rest of the week which if it stays above $2.50 would means 13 consecutive days. Then look for momentum to build as us "little people" sell into the anticipated event of warrants being exercised.
        That being said, I would wait until the stock "bottoms out" and then buy it again. The potential for this company is staggering but there is much they have to do to "clean up" their balance sheet. They are doing this.......slowly but surely.
        Just my opinion................

      • My calculations show Feb 2nd as the date the warrents expire. Counting only trading days above 2.50, which started on Jan 7th and not counting Monday's, 1/21, stock holiday.

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      • Did you subtract the already exercised warrants ( appx 9 mil?)

    • i am new to all this. i bought the stock at 4.8. What are the 15 min warrants?

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