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  • paofirst paofirst Mar 18, 2013 12:52 PM Flag


    Article is US Today newspaper discusses 3D repliaction of prothesis at a fraction of the previous cost. Good news for #D in general for sure. But a couple of geeks accomplished this with software that is already on the market and abundantly available to all (Adobe 123D-Catch). Given that article, I gotta wonder just how "unique" ONVO's technology will eventually become if duplications are already taking place in simple fashion?

    With the likes of HP, Xerox, EK and Dell (Is that why the chief honcho wants to take them private?) already announcing they, too, will enter the 3D field, one can only hope that ONVO's patents are such that they positively prevent the better financed behemouths from gaining early traction in the field of bio-printing and obliterating all the little guys.

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    • 3D for prothesis is entirely different from the 3D layering of functioning cell structures that ONVO is focusing on. software for 3D for any "object" has been around for a while, and to 3D laser image a person's body to ensure the prothesis will be a good fit. Then 3D print the prothesis.

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    • The behemoths you mentioned above would seem more interested in entering the general 3D printing field affecting the likes of DDD,SSYS and even XONE and PRLB. ONVO is more of a biotech which would be out of their scope. Its not impossible but highly unlikely.

      Other larger pharmas may be intrigued by the bioprinting field but acquiring ONVO would be a more strategic method of entering due to its first mover advantages. This is all speculation but for the time being, ONVO seems to be well protected against competition

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      • michea1015-

        Well said. I'll admit it, perhaps I'm overly skeptical about all things having that too-good-to-be-true aura about them. What is equally alarming to me is the lack of real info from the company. It sure would be refreshing if they would let us know what they are up to. I'm told calls to Shareholder Relations garner responses that are about as informative as someone telling you, "Cats chase mice!"

        If the patents are so good (air tight?), then ONVO shouldn't have a problem telling we shareholders exactly where they are on the journey to monitizing their technology.

        As for others getting into the field, I wouldn't discount any possibility when there's huge cheese to be made. Maybe even a big pharma teaming up with an HP and doing their own bio-printing thing? Who knows for certain that ONVO has a defense (patents i.e.) against that sort of thing. happening.

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