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  • xanderarena xanderarena May 8, 2013 1:57 PM Flag

    Bioprinting Patents

    A little research reveals that in addition to Organovo's IP asset, Wake Forrest institute for regenerative medicine holds a significant stake of bioprinting IP. The WF assets cover the use of cellular inputs as well as growth factors and substrates/scaffolds. To my knowledge, the University has done nothing to commercialize their assets yet, but given their long standing relationships with big pharma and rigorous clinical trial history, this could represent significant competition for ONVO in the future.

    Just an FYI for the board.

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      Not inkjet printing
      While Organovo's approach to bioprinting appears to be unique, there are currently others working on ways of printing new biological tissue, pointed out Stanford's Kraft.

      He explained that Athony Atala, a researcher at Wake Forest University, has for some time been using reconfigured off-the-shelf inkjet printers for bioprinting (see video below). The idea there has been to print tissue that could be helpful to the thousands of soldiers who are injured in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

      But Organovo makes a point of differentiating its technology from what Atala and the Wake Forest team has achieved with inkjet printers by explaining that what it is doing is essentially rapid prototyping, and employs a process requiring no liquid and no nozzle.

      "Organovo creates [the] bio-ink of discrete cellular aggregates, each made up of many cells," the company's white paper said. "These are used as a building block, as the bioprinter places these cell aggregates within high precision into a predetermined pattern."

    • This future potential of this science will ecentually include ALL phara Companies ... There is plenty of room for competition

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    • I just did a little research on xanderarena and he/she just signed up to Yahoo and this is his/her only post. Hmmmm, a paid short ???

    • Did you look to see what IP might have already been assigned to Tengion which was a company co-founded by Dr. Atala? Just curious.

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