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  • philipstekel philipstekel Jul 14, 2013 4:28 PM Flag

    Some simple common sense from Philip Stekel

    Very simple: remember those IDIOTS who were trying to bad mouth "our Company" by claiming this was nothing more than a "pump and dump" scheme when the stock was trading at $2-3? Remember when the same thing was said when the stock was between $4-5?

    Now the same thing will/is happening again now that the stock is over $6 and headed towards uncharted territory. Ok then... the stock price will go down from time to time......but think Long Term unless you have a sizable enough position to both invest and trade.

    My word of common sense here? I...G...N...O...R...E...........T...H...E...M.... Guaranteed............... they have no invested capital or vested interest for that matter in this company. Instead, view their negative thoughts as a positive: they were afraid to get in and so now they are bitter about it and want to confuse and scare the rest of us. Also what if any proof do they have?

    Btw, the BIG BOYS (10,000 shares or more) don't have time for this kind of garbage. Instead, these are bitter, small brained, knuckle draggers who missed the boat and are now crying to us because of their own ignorance, fear and stupidity.

    Stay the course........ but now that ONVO is going to be more recognized.........expect more misleading information............but don't lower yourselves into responding with negative comments or silly statements challenging those that give people like this validity and validation. It only invites MORE of the same thing. And in the long end up cutting off your own "foot" (so to speak).

    Instead , watch the stock price, volume and news events. These are FACTS rather than RUMORS.

    just my opinion.........Philip

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    • Phil ....Hopefully some people on this board realize that ONVO is not your normal trading stock ... It may not work ,,,but it does looks like ONVO has the potential to forever change medicine ..Assume ONVO never implants a single organ . Just with the liver sample every drug company in the world would rather test their drug ethicacy with Human Liver Tissue ... than test with rats or monkeys ... Just think how much more efficient drug testing will be if you are testing on human liver tissue will speed the process and improve the quality of the new drug... If this is true , it will not matter whether you buy it at $ 4 or at $ 7 in 5 years ... you will just be happy you bought it....It reminds me of Micosoft when it started trading ...everyone kept saying "its over priced " "wait for the pullback "" bottom line doubled and doubled and doubled again and spit several times ..

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