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  • ripper5757 ripper5757 Jul 16, 2013 11:27 AM Flag

    HOPE that the true investors held on

    mm's always do what they did this morn. to a good stock THIS IS A TRUE STRONG STOCK

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    • This stock is trading very bullish still. Volume is remaining high and its holding most of its gains. Dumb money is being weeded out before the next leg.

    • Agreed! We continue to jealously hold on to our shares. The price "drop" is miniscule after 6 full days of major gain. Volume remains vastly higher than I expected, so we are having serious investors rotating in and out of the stock. Shorts are NOT causing the stock to dump. There is absolutely no way to know what is going to happen this rest of the week. What I do know is that management has accomplished every last thing they've said they will for the last 6 years and on time no less. Imagine delivering the worlds first never done before in history 3d liver assays on time and better than promised - ridiculously awesome execution. I only sell investments if I have something significantly better to do with the cash. Maybe it's just me, but I can't think of anything better financially and especially for helping humanity at the moment. Of course there's risk and I pay attention to that too. To newer investors. Stop looking at this message board. No one knows what is going to happen. Not me, not the shorts, nobody. Here's what I know. Organovo represents capitalism, breakthrough platforms and altruistic investment at its finest. Think Intel or Amgen at the beginning. Oh, and as I typed, the stock went green - who knew?

    • I sold 80% of my shares yesterday between $6.90 &$7.00. I think the market cap is too high for this company (right now). They basically have zero revenue and a near $500m market cap.
      Thats not to say that the current hype cant drive the pps up to $9-$10, but once the hype dies down a little bit, I think we will see the price level out around $5 until they begin to generate some revenue.

      There is obviously some huge potential if they can keep from going under. My big concern is the dillution that might be coming down the road if they fail to generate any significant revenue sometime soon.

      Anyhow, I'm still holding a small position and will buy some more if this drops back to the low $5's. If it doesnt drop and it ends up running up to $10,...oh well. I guess that just means that I missed out on potential gains. For all you longs, I hope it does continue to run higher. But dont be dumb. Have an exit point and take your profit. This stock will drop back down,...its just a matter of when. They have no revenue and havent announced any huge news regarding partnerships. So make sure you play this stock right in the short term.

      Long term could be HUGE, but short term, this is a $5 stock.

    • I did too....but man that was hard.... I am starting to feel like a pig with the obscene profits I have in this now...and wondering if I was about to get turned into bacon...LOL

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Sure did! I believe in the product!

    • i did

    • the volume is ripping. It will close over $7

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