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  • malph_ralph Jul 24, 2013 9:09 PM Flag

    You're kidding yourself if you think the SA article is wrong

    I first bought this stock at 1.90 and this is the second time its gone wild and corrected sharply. realistically nothing much has changed since it was at 1.90 except the NYSE uplist. its still very very speculative theres nothing to trade on earnings-wise so please understand this is going to correct to a realistic pps until some big news happens that will properly value the company. until then either play the runs or just hold very long term and bite the bullet. the ultimate goal is to print human organs, thats going to take 10 years or more from now, if they ever perfect it. if they do this could be one of the most valuable stocks in the world, if they dont it wont exist. so in 10 years time this could be a $1000 stock or not exist. right now its speculation, remember that

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    • Yes, the long goal is to print organs but the short term goals can still generate millions for onvo. selling assays and tissue samples for drug testing is plausible now . Plus, ONVO is going to sell or lease their printers to large pharmaceutical companies and make bank from them. ONVO is a win both long and short. yes, the stock is trading too high but that is ok. everyone knows this company is for real and is still undervalued... considerably.

      I think anything under 6 bucks is a smart buy

    • Thank you, also.

      Sentiment: Hold

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