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  • johndrew101 johndrew101 Nov 13, 2013 1:00 PM Flag

    when SA says 'SELL' that means 'BUY'..

    SEEKing alpha is one of the biggest pump n dump bloggers on wall street, i rate them with cramer.. so when they wrote 2 article telling people to sell,, i immediately added to my position.. always do the opposite of seeking alpha and you will make a ton of money..

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    • Its called trading against the news. Agree with you 100 percent. Though Cramer does give off little hints i have to say. The way he was talking about twitter during the hype made me not buy, i was going to be one of those who bought. They all give their little hints the news can help you, use it as a tool for yourself. beleive a qaurter of it. let them point out possibly good things...look into it yourself...

    • signifcant_available_cash signifcant_available_cash Nov 15, 2013 7:39 AM Flag

      Let me educate you about S/A...when S/A says anything, check it, double check it and then use the 1% or 2% of the comments that actually give information on one side of your trade or the other (long or short) and then do your DD research what was posted and commented about, don't be a lazy investor/trader or you will lose money...why? because S/A is a BLOG site...not a company with analysts, not a brokerage firm...nothing!'s longs and shorts posting to try adnd move the PPS in a shares one way or another...most of the time it's supposition and, having said that, there are a few very analytically talented "posters" (because that's all they are) who put up their thoughts on S/A.....

      DO NOT buy and sell according to S/A "posters" isn't a news site!

      Having said that, I am long ONVO.

      As always, do your DD...and gl with your trading....

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    • Excellent analysis.

    • wow, you are so right, i looked at 10 at random seeking alpha articles telling people to sell and they all tripled in price,, the latest one being GWPH... seeking alpha is a pump n dump sight and this proves it..

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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