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  • williamvanguard williamvanguard Nov 15, 2013 8:41 PM Flag

    Do not try to silence me as this company has major issues which do not warrant the market cap

    This Company doesn't spend enough money to warrant this market cap. Biotech is a high cost labor intensive business. This Company doesn't spend money on R&D, Patents, Inventory, Employees (only 35). Yet, through some miracle will create a new testing platform to replicate the complexities of human evolution through doing a backdoor reverser merger onto the Amex? Do some homework please! This is just like the rare earth metals bubble a couple years ago or the china reverse merger bubble inwhich companies were being delisted left and right. I really don't understand how anyone can honestly think at a $1B market cap that this Company has a viable business.

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    • Only issue here is you csucker now bye CLICK@!

    • Awww, are your shorts in a bind?

    • DDD has revenue. ONVO does not. I was thinking of spending $100k on some patents, doing a reverse merger with a shell corporation and then trying myself to some buzzwords. Hmmm lets call our company "china-nano-green-3d"..... Pump it up to the sheep and then slaughter them. Anyone in? My company and ONVO are no different

    • Rant on; I've go you on ignore now. You made a bad bet and the world just isn't ordered the way you want it to be.

    • Where were you a month ago? Or 6 or 9 when we were all on this board oh ya you were bashing some other stock you just another dumb human being that gets their rocks off by pretending your smart because no one loves you go away this stock is not your fight chump

    • ONVO has barely scratched the surface.
      Major deals have already been signed. There will be more to come.
      And 3D printers aren't the real money, it's the additives that are the next horizon.
      Sure, 3D printers will only become more precise, but it's what they produce is where the potential lies.
      The 53% spike over the last 5 days is only a precursor of what is to come.
      Every dip has been bought.
      And institutional ownership has dramatically increased.
      I'll readily admit that these guys know more than I do and it's highly doubtful they would invest in here if this was a penny stock.
      It wasn't retail driving this price, big money moves stocks.
      Do some DD away from boards like this and stocktwits.
      There's a lot more going on.

    • I am not invested here so have no bias, only offering a neutral objective viewpoint on the heals of what looks like good advice posted by 'williamvanguard' this evening. The chart has an explosive look to it, their technology is impressive! When I drew the lines of the ascending channel, on the daily chart, from July of 2012 through Friday November 15th, it is a classic advance with 4 peaks, each of which corrected 40% plus to the support of the lower channel line. To me, it looks like we can expect today's advance to be the exhaustion of the bulls, and with a projected consolidation toward $8.00 per share or less. I don't short stocks, but will watch for an entry point at $8.00 or below within the next 6-8 weeks. Those of you longs who were lucky enough (or smart enough) to have ridden this wave, I suggest taking profits and coming back after the likely consolidation starting next week.

    • sbobor Nov 15, 2013 10:03 PM Flag

      Not everyone has vision. Sorry you are a #$%$! Maybe one day ONVO will print you some brain cells!

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