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  • justaboutcooked justaboutcooked Nov 21, 2013 10:33 PM Flag

    Real estate? You may want to search ONVO on Aim high Profits

    Reason #5: If this is so revolutionary, why did ONVO take over Deborah Lovig’s Real Estate Restoration and Rental Inc. that she started with James Coker, a well known Nigerian Employment scam artist, that had her summer vacation house as the sole asset. Why didn’t Organovo start their own corp since they have been in business since 2007. Also, it’s not like someone came in and had them swap their shares for cash and walk away like in most shell transactions. Lovig signed every document as the President of Organovo well after the Merger. (see here)

    Obviously, Lovig is already off the books as President and further digging to determine exactly how much she and Coker were paid for their shell or how many shares they were issued just isn’t worth the time. ONVO is going to $1 and below within the next month.

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    • Maybe you should do some reading first before blathering on this board.
      Quote investopedia:

      In a reverse merger, an active private company takes control and merges with a dormant public company. These dormant public companies are called "shell corporations" because they rarely have assets or net worth aside from the fact that they previously had gone through an IPO or alternative filing process.

      It can take a company from a matter of weeks to four months to complete a reverse merger. By contrast, the IPO process can take from six to 12 months and cost significantly more. The expediency and lower cost of the reverse merger process is beneficial to smaller companies in need of quick capital. Additionally, reverse mergers allow owners of private companies to retain greater ownership and control over the new company, which is a huge benefit to owners looking to raise capital without giving their companies away.

    • Yep, its so obvious this company is going to ZERO probably within a day or two. they offer nothing exciting and have no potential whatsoever. Plus since the volume on this stock has picked up tremendously over the past few weeks it must mean that less and less people believe in this company. Furthermore the chart speaks for itself going from 2 to 13 bucks a share within a year is nothing to write home about. Maybe blackberry is a better investment or perhaps blockbuster as they may have comeback written all over them.

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