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  • sjgrythm sjgrythm Mar 18, 2011 2:34 PM Flag

    937 negative posts about abtg

    Good questions. I'm a former ABTG long. I sold my position about three months ago. I've been following this board for years and as you will note there are most definitely some pumpers here who post all day long promoting this stock. Likewise, there are a few who fire back bashing.

    My bottom line on this stock is they were an early adapter of their products to function as part of the Smart Grid and were selected by Duke Energy to partner in their Smart Grid rollout. Duke has started their rollout but from the looks of things it will take years for them to get State by State approval and actually install SG.

    In the meantime, Ambient has been actively marketing their product trying to obtain commitment on future orders. While this has been going on, a number of small competitors (sized like Ambient) have introduced competing products and IMHO Ambient has been unsuccessful in leveraging whatever early lead they had in the market.

    In addition, VICIS Capital has been charged with misconduct in its partnership agreements and, once again, IMHO, their having the lion's share of ownership in Ambient presents a real risk to private shareholders.

    The discussion on this Board is far too emotional to be of any real value and although I KNOW my comments will be slammed by pumpers, I don't believe Ambient has either the internal technical resources nor the capital to effectively compete for future business.

    Let the bashing commence.

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    • Good post. Please continue to express your opinion. If DC10 and Zapzoot are so correct, the share price would not go down.

    • Thanks for the input... I mostly do swing trades on beaten down companies that have obvious potential... I like to hear both sides of the story and make a decision...Your once being a long tells me your ability to see both sides of the story..
      I am curious as to why you still post after selling... You must have some sense that they have a chance of turning things around... or you have short interest... Not a bad thing either ..You have been making money for sure... Your statement as to states needing to enact rules for the switching confuses me... I cant see not rushing into making the grid smarter asop .. The sooner it's done the less problems that could potentially happen.. The federal gov just released funds makes me more interested.. I am still a little confused as to their legal problems .. Not confused just unaware and the potential problems that it can create...
      Thanks again for the info.. More would be appreciated on both sides..

      On the Fence...

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      • After reading the 2010 financial statement and the risks involved this weekend.. I have decided that GE,Lucent and a few others are just too big and will crush these guys especially if they work as a team.....
        I looked into my local electric supplier and what they are doing..They have a Partnership with 3 Huge companies that are working together to improve the grid... PPL smart grid look into Partners...
        They still might have a chance if the Duke merger is approved and China picks them out of the crowd... but 1 small company having only 1 big customers scares the hell out of me... GL I have made my decision....

      • "Your once being a long tells me your ability to see both sides of the story"

        you mean like a pathetic nano-penny flipping basher does.

    • you are a liar......before you write a bunch of crap why don't you first look at the old crap you have already posted.....we do.