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  • poorfarm01746 poorfarm01746 Mar 18, 2011 8:22 AM Flag

    937 negative posts about abtg

    since nov 17 and without any reason.....just ask careful he is a liar and a thief.

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    • Nazzzzzzz Daqqqqqqqqq

      weep bashers...your time is short

    • Do u mean that the rev. split is such a good news for us?
      Or just for u vicis?

    • LOL! That's nothing!

      Poorfarm, your pumping heros here are MUCH worse...

      DC has 1020 posts back to Jan 16 with a total of 5,126 and Zapzoot has 1020 back to Jan 28 with a total o 4,134.

      I'm guessing 1020 posts is all Yahoo archives since all their precious wisdom before that time is apparently "lost".

      Anyone who doesn't have these two cut and paste bozos on ignore is a glutten for punishment.

      On the plus side just think what the stock price might be without their non-stop, repetitive, machine-like pumping!

      This used to be an interesting board with some excellent dialog on the pros and cons of ABTG and smart grid in general, but it's a wasteland now.

    • I'm new and interested...I understand the bashing thing and what may be behind it..Every board has their reg basher who has an agenda ..Otherwise why bash...
      Anyway ..I don't see any intelligent conversation with the guy other than bashing him for bashing .. So far I like what I see with the company ,huge growth and a reverse split that could generate attention with funds .. Correct me if I am wrong,but do they have a good business partnership with Duke energy?
      A few things that bother me that someone familiar with the company can help...
      They are small, so they need a better mouse trap to win favor..Do they have a better Mouse trap and why?
      Are they in talks with others?
      I would think if they had a better design some of the big guys might buy them out ,but the reverse split tells me they will be working on the stock price and getting noticed.. So any info longs might have would be greatly appreciated... Thanks ahead of time...

      • 1 Reply to dmorgan2151
      • Good questions. I'm a former ABTG long. I sold my position about three months ago. I've been following this board for years and as you will note there are most definitely some pumpers here who post all day long promoting this stock. Likewise, there are a few who fire back bashing.

        My bottom line on this stock is they were an early adapter of their products to function as part of the Smart Grid and were selected by Duke Energy to partner in their Smart Grid rollout. Duke has started their rollout but from the looks of things it will take years for them to get State by State approval and actually install SG.

        In the meantime, Ambient has been actively marketing their product trying to obtain commitment on future orders. While this has been going on, a number of small competitors (sized like Ambient) have introduced competing products and IMHO Ambient has been unsuccessful in leveraging whatever early lead they had in the market.

        In addition, VICIS Capital has been charged with misconduct in its partnership agreements and, once again, IMHO, their having the lion's share of ownership in Ambient presents a real risk to private shareholders.

        The discussion on this Board is far too emotional to be of any real value and although I KNOW my comments will be slammed by pumpers, I don't believe Ambient has either the internal technical resources nor the capital to effectively compete for future business.

        Let the bashing commence.

    • Lying - Sure Thing

      PF and others:
      I'll be the object of your frustration and anger, but it should be appropriately directed at Ambient and professional pumpers dc10/zapzoot.

      "IBM and Telvent are strategic partners with Progress Energy in pursuit of the DOE grant. IBM is supplying consulting, as well as optimization software and services for coordination and prioritization of advanced load shaping and efficiency. Telvent is providing the Smart Grid's distribution supervisory control and data-acquisition system (SCADA), which is capable of gathering real-time data, controlling devices interactively, and producing reports on equipment in distribution substations and on the grid. Telvent is also supplying the new distribution management system that will provide real-time energy information and lays the foundation for reliable integration for customer-owned distributed energy resources."

      March 10, 2011

      "IBM and Progress Energy Team on Extensive Smart Grid Deployment.ARMONK, March 10, 2011 (NYSE: IBM) today announced that it has been selected by Progress Energy as the lead systems integrator for the utility’s smart grid program. Together the companies will transform Progress Energy’s networks by improving power efficiency, increasing power quality and reliability, and enhancing capabilities for renewable energy, energy storage systems and plug-in electric vehicles.

      Progress Energy is investing approximately $520 million dollars in smart grid technologies through its two utilities that serve approximately 3.1 million customers in the Carolinas and Florida. The total investment includes $200 million from a smart grid grant awarded by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

      “Progress Energy’s smart grid efforts focus on improving the electric distribution network first, then cascading these improvements to the consumer. We believe these efforts position the program as one of the more sophisticated deployments in the marketplace,” said Guido Bartels, General Manager, Energy & Utilities Industry at IBM and Chairman, Global Smart Grid Federation. “Together with Progress Energy we will improve grid performance across the distribution network to bring greater efficiency, reliability, and security to consumers by applying a truly integrated approach.”