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  • traderblips traderblips Nov 6, 2013 1:57 PM Flag

    Pumping to have you hold

    Ambient must have known Shady Sham was being investigated prior to his board appointment. This means the company intentionally ignored the facts. I would bet any money the pumpers (Vicis) wanted folks to hold hence the the dangling pumps, they (pumpers) say nothing about the stock being severly down since the reverse split. Just continual positive sounding blurbs, like the company is fine. Sounds like a plan to me to have folks hope hold, if I am right that means there are underlying currents that the average share holder is unaware. A perfect example is the last post by dc10. " And then ran it to 20 by APR 2009". That is a comment intended to have you hold while the price crashes. Think about the actions of the CEO. He hires only to fire six months later, He accepted funding from a Sham, Nodes catch on fire, partners with companies only to have the companies develop similar tech and then abolish the partnership, press releases at times when market sentiment is low, files with FCC as the same day as earning to hide the FCC filing, have others post stuff like " rumored to be on the verge on huge contracts......I could continue but you get the point.

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