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  • jforuus jforuus Nov 21, 2011 12:16 PM Flag

    2012 Ousting Republicans and Democrats

    1. You are an owner of a race car. (The U.S. Citizen)
    2. The car has the sweetest engine. (The U.S. worker)
    3. The car never seems to finish the race high enough in the pole position to pay out all of its owners. (The U.S. Citzen)
    4. You get rid of its drivers. (For over 200 yeara the Republicans and Democrats have been driving. Its time for them to say "hey we can't get the job done")

    Its time we get rid of these D.B. What are we we doing?

    We keep expecting different results. You don't give your kids your bank account to handle and to balance? Do you? Why do we give these DB such reponsibility. Do they ever display such merit? Lets take a belt to their rears or the back of their hands like the nun in my school did to many kids in 5th grade.

    Whats the problem? Will Iowa send the two parties a clear message?


    I am ready to render services to help with moving the Republicans and Democrats furniture out of the White House. Heck I will even buy a dozen pizzas!!

    2012 we vote for anyone but these guys, this time we vote as an entire nation "The Green Party"! I don't know what their stance is on anything but all I know is I want the Democrats and Republicans the drivers of this machine out of the helm once and for all. I will vote for a toddler playing with his own feces before I want the Republicans and Democrats back in office.

    Maybe Ocuppy Wall Street will send such a message that will resonate through the country!!??!

    Many of us are praying for something to break.

    Else goodluck supporting your partent through their old age because their 401K has turned into 201K and medical expenses are out of control. Don't contemplate shooting yourself in the head or anyone else or moving to another country or becoming a recluse - solve the problem before it gets to that point.

    Lets get these Repbulicans and Democrats out of office.

    Its happening and its time we take America back from old men that have destroyed our 401K to 201K and continue to plunder us from the corporation sidee and public side.

    Raise taxes on corporations who raise taxes us on us for their products. WTF kind of solution is that?

    The PIRATES are coming!

    Please pass this on.

    American Citizen

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