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  • mrrobmac mrrobmac Mar 15, 2002 6:24 PM Flag

    Lets think this through...

    If LMT and LOR were to combine their respective sat building facilities, it would be #2. Whats preventing this from happening? Cash!
    Now what if a player who could make better use of the other parts of LOR and its assets more so then LMT?
    Here's my point, a combined LOR/LMT is #2 in the world thats what BS said last Friday, he didn't say how this was going to be done but it will be done, to who's benefit? It will not be LOR shareholders it will be another companies benefit who? LMT, nope. ALA, nope.
    Qcom can buy LOR and the sat facilites from LMT, (I say that we should forget LMT, they are done and will close shop anyway), but just as LOR and Qcom created GSTRF so will Qcom create the #2 sat building position and spin that to QCOM's shareholders while keeping a 20% stake to insure sats for cdma are built for the future. Now with that done, QCOM gets G* for nothing. Qcom can sell the fss side to spot for billions, or keep LOR as a subsidary of QCOM and allow it to continue its plans.
    Either way short term LOR's name changes. Longer term LOR emerges as a major power and by 04 we are $20 with 400+ million in earnings and less then 700 million in debt, with 385-400 million shares, and then we pick up LMT sat business for nothing.
    Best to all,

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    • Does Qcom have the expertise in the sat manufacturing field? Lor and Lmt do. I think Qcom acquiring Lor would be a disaster for Qcom, Lor and all shareholders. Here�s my thought. As the 2 companies combine there is always a parting of some of the employees of the companies. Too many people doing the same jobs, at both companies. Some get laid off. Now Qcom doing the acquiring, keeps the majority of its people why Lor gets hit with most of the loses. Qcom would be expected to keep the Top level people but, somehow I believe the moral of what�s left at Lor would diminish, and progress would be hampered. If Qcom has the ability now to manufacture sats they could absorb this loss and they would have something to contribute. I don't think they do. I don�t Bernie seeing that happen either. LMT already has the capability of manufacturing sats . I see Bernie as being the kind of guy that won�t settle for seeing Lor going to Qcom and remaining Lor under Qcom�s control. He wants on the board of Lmt. I believe this. He built a very successful business and he wants to see it to it�s glory days. He is looking for that high in life. He�s greedy, but really, aren�t we all at one stage of the game. He�s now making a killing, kicks back on the board and has less stress on the mind while watching his options grow. He�s set now. Life is good. If this happens maybe we can ride on the man�s coattails for awhile, then were going to have to go find that next one, cause we ain�t retiring on this stock alone. That will be the next pain in my ass besides Waldo. So, what ya�s think? Both pos and negs welcome.

    • What if LMT spun of the sat business and used a tracking stock. Whould that not benifit LMT? Lor merges with the spinoff,making a solid #2 sat manufacturer. The tracking stock raises cash.Is this too far out of the question?

    • We don't want any part of Qualcomm !

      They are crooks

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