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  • who_john_galt who_john_galt Oct 11, 2002 9:55 AM Flag


    Hang on tight LOR longs.
    The snakes don't have much longer to manipulate LOR share price. :)
    LOR is a golden egg.
    In my opinion
    LongER & StrongER than EVER!!!!!!!!

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    • <I have spoken to soldiers who were "there" and who have used weaponery the public is unaware of.>

      They are lying--noone would be bragging about "secret" weaponery. If these so called weapons existed and they were bragging about them they would be committing treason--at the mimimum committing a felony. Your sites you visit are either pure fiction or populated by delusional fruit loops, posting things that never happened. View these folks with a critical eye.


    • Happy birthday msclonen , Go join all the newborn bashers and Count Demonee will throwing you a party real soon!!!!!!!!!


    • very intelligent post. very refreshing to read something of substance here. I have the same frame of mind as you. I hope for all our longs sakes you are right.

    • Good post. Have a nice week-end. Maybe next week will be better for the investors in LOR.

    • you should begin preparing for a new downsized lifestyle. Lor will be out of cash long before it makes $.

    • Bernard has a handle on managing Loral's assets. The recent removal of 1 billion in debt demonstrates his ability to improve Loral's stability.

      I do not believe for one second that Cyberstar will issue debt for equity. Not going to happen. It's a "sit tight" policy at Loral. Bernard is waiting for one of his "irons in the fire" to generate much needed cash. The entire satellite industry is feeling tremendous pain. It's time to quit shouting "Bankruptcy for Loral" from the mountaintops as it's not going to happen. A "rocketing" share price is not going to happen either. Neither will a reverse stock split as I keep reading over and over and over again on this board. It's very simple. Loral needs time to recover, and it will, but slowly. Deeper issues prevail, such as Bernard's Democratic leanings.
      The China/Cox incident stirred up a lot of dust in the air, but nothing came of it. The dust has settled, Loral is once again right with the world. For what it's worth, don't buy into the absurd rantings of individuals who have nothing better to do than speak untruths about Bernard Schwartz. If Bernard were as guilty and evil as some would have you believe, do you think he would still be at Loral's helm. Especially in the current "Post-Enron" environment. I don't think so. The board would have sent Mr. Schwartz packing. Instead, he is percieved as the right man for the job from those in the know. Enough said. Believe what you will. For myself, logic dictates better days ahead for Bernard, Loral's workers and shareholders. Looking for a Loral recovery.

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      • Time is NOT on our side! If Loral can weather the delistment storm I agree it will probably survive. The clock is ticking and if we are delisted we are in serious trouble.I also dont think the Reverse Split is the way to go unless it is the ONLY ALTERNATIVE. I would like to see a sale of ALL of Loral to LMT in an all stock deal. Loral assets arent worth much now but they will worth big $$$$$$$$$ when the economy turns. LMT can afford to wait for that....................Loral may or may not be able to wait.

      • Your confidence in Loral's Management is misplaced. They have been ripping off the employees and the public with their giant salaries which are way out of proportion to the size of the Company. They are old men who are stuck in the Reagan era defense budget. There were numerous opportunities to sell the Company at a reasonable price which were not capitalized upon due to stubborn, bull-headed, arrogant pride. Loral Management doesn't care about the shareholders or the employees. That has been clearly demonstrated over and over the past 6 years. All they care about is maintaining their greedy, fat, bloated lifestyles. "Sit Tight" until the greedy, bloated NY Management gets blasted out of the way. Their grip is just not that strong. Don't give me this "integrity" crap.
        The stock is at 30 cents because Loral doesn't really own it's own assets. They are owned by Loral's creditors (except for the 30 cents a share of equity).

      • ...."Bernard has a handle on managing Loral's assets. The recent removal of 1 billion in debt demonstrates his ability to improve Loral's stability....." ...."For myself, logic dictates better days ahead for Bernard....."

        OH YEAH....then why is the stock under 30 cents...

      • "logic dictates better days ahead for Bernard, Loral's workers and shareholders."
        Do you mean what is left of the Loral workers? Im impressed with your knowledge and wonder what other names you post under. Do they put you back in your padded cell at night? Personally I think it is time to fire bernie just as he would do to his employees if they did their job like he does. They would get fired if they didnt produce, and so should he so Loral can get on with what they do best and could do better with good management. Im definitely not anti Loral just anti Bernie and BOD.

      • At these prices its better to get the debt for equity. At .30 share price the interest savings alone 68 million could buy back all the shares exchanged. 613/3=204x.30=61 million, dilute me for debt exchange anytime, I expect such to happen before shareholders meeting.

      • <EOM>

      • msclonen. well put.

        the current price of lor stock factors in bankruptcy. i, like you, don't see that happening.

        also i feel lor's price recovery will take time. there is tremendous overhead resistance in lor's technical picture. it will take good news and VOLUME to eat thru it.

        but, again as you say, time is on our side. bernie will manage the balance sheet so that lor will be a survivor. when the economy firms and the sat industry starts moving lor will really prosper.

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