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  • gerbilloverhunter gerbilloverhunter Aug 28, 2013 4:27 PM Flag

    $20 bucks a share in just days away!!

    booyaa!! you feel kinda sad and lonely? Kinda like there is no hope? Having a bad year?? A bad life in the "mosh pit" of failure? Kinda like it's OVER! Do you look in the mirror and see Dorian Gray? stubble on the face.........along with huge pimples!! It's really, really a bad day when have to "eat yo cats chow" silence the fat bloated belly of yours. Too much ganja can do that! Devil weed will get ya!!
    No hope in the old "shorts" way of life ??? defeated even before the day starts? Get used to it my "not friends! You are not invited over for turkey dinner this year. You have dug your own pit......and now must live in it. Have a nice day............

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    • Just out of curiosity, how do you get $20. I am not short, but rather long a whopping 300 shares (that was sarcasm), but I was thinking of selling and getting something that pays a dividend.

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      • I would buy a lot more if you have the bucks......this is not a short term investment. Go long term....$$$

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      • I just gave you a "thumbs up"......cause you seem sincere and level headed! Is $20 bucks such a reach? Mgm has been cutting the fat from it's ops for many years now. Also, the Macau pipeline of cash is starting to come bigger and bigger amounts. Second Macau prop to open in about 36 months. The specter of "online gaming"......that will rock the world of casino gaming a positive way for the future. The economy is getting better in some areas ......! Some not. But better overall. The point of fact ........mgm might sell some of their city center props!
        I'm not a genie........but, it doesn't take a genie to figure out that MGM is truly undervalued and at it's current price......and opp for the ages. Other opps are coming MGM's way in ASIA and other area's of the world. Other partners on talking as we post our thoughts. Chat's among CEO's are a ongoing thing all the time. In other words.......partnerships to spread the risk. You already know about Pansy Ho.........and MGM China. Use your imagination about the possibilities of MGM five or ten years in the future. Think long term and prosper. Disagree? No problem..........have a nice evening.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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