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  • Tuskan_Raider99 Tuskan_Raider99 Jun 23, 1999 9:41 AM Flag

    MGM earnings

    While researching some stocks at , I noticed some info on MGM. The company said that it is expecting a second quarter loss of $1.66 per share.

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    • ``Bowfinger'' (Universal) held steady at No. 4
      with $7 million, bringing its 25-day haul to $55.5
      million. ``The Thomas Crown Affair'' (MGM) rose one place
      to No. 5 with $6.1 million (32-day total $57.7
      million), while ``Mickey Blue Eyes'' (WB) fell two places
      to No. 7 with $5.2 million (18-day total $27
      million). ``The Blair Witch Project'' (Artisan) remained at
      No. 8 with $3.8 million (55-day total $133.5

      This is good news considering many people did not
      think this movie would make any money. More good news
      on the way this week with the release of a cable
      deal. Hold on to your hat this one could be at $25
      before you know it.

    • The entire Bond library is being reissued as
      special edition DVDs, starting with I believe 7 of them
      this year. The rest in 2000. How well do you think
      that will sell? The Thomas Crowne Affair -- I've got
      the original on DVD (also MGM) and I'll have the
      remake in a few months too. Man, I don't know where to
      begin. MGM is about 4th I think in DVD sales behind
      Warner / Disney / Columbia Tristar, ahead of Fox as I
      remember. Fox sucks with crappy releases with few extras
      (Aliens excepted). Of course, Disney sucks too, with
      absolutely no extras or anamorphic transfers (Bill in Love,
      the only US exception)

      MGM has a great
      library! They have extras (not as many as warner or cts)
      and do anamorphic (enhanced) transfers.


    • I haven't seen any grand plan announced by MGM
      management on their DVD strategy, but they are gradually
      rolling out titles. Ones that I have seen on shelves
      include several early works of Stanley Kubrick, Robert
      DeNiro's "Ronin" and Val Kilmer in "Out of Sight" (okay,
      okay, the last one isn't necessarily a good example).
      But all the studios are pumped up about the DVD
      market because it promises huge growth over the next few
      years. I'm sure that the number of DVD titles, including
      those by MGM, will grow in step with demand for the
      format. I wouldn't worry that MGM will fail to seize the
      DVD opportunity, but I do wonder what exactly is in
      their 5,300-strong library. Sure, there're gems like
      Silence of the Lambs and Four Weddings and a Funeral, but
      what makes up the bulk of their catalogue, and will
      average consumers be willing to shell out $25 for any of

    • INTERVIEW-TPS expands MGM partnership with
      By Sue Landau

      PARIS, Sept 1 (Reuters) -
      French digital satellite service TPS (Television par
      Satellite) said it is launching a film news channel on
      Wednesday and expanding an existing accord with U.S. movie
      group Metro-Goldwyn Mayer (NYSE:MGM -

      Guillaume de Posch, TPS deputy managing director, told
      Reuters in an interview on Wednesday that the new
      channel's launch and MGM's recent acquisition of film
      catalogues prompted TPS to implement fully an accord it made
      with MGM in 1996.

      ``Why are we doing this now?
      MGM recently bought catalogues from Polygram and
      Orion/Goldwyn, giving it critical mass. In terms of content the
      recent acquisitions give its catalogue much more
      depth,'' de Posch said.

      TPS, operated by French
      private TV group TF1 , competes with French pay TV group
      Canal Plus's CanalSatellite service, which benefits
      from its parent's near hegemony in rights to first TV
      screenings for films in France.

      In June TPS gained
      access to another domain where Canal Plus has held sway
      up to now by buying into French first division
      soccer coverage, which it now shares with Canal

      TPS has some 700,000 subscribers and aims to have 1.2
      million in 2001 or 2002, which will bring it to break
      even. By contrast CanalSatellite, which launched its
      digital service before TPS, had 1.2 million subscribers
      by early July.

      Under the accord the new
      channel, Cinefaz, will carry two series, ``Magnificent
      Seven'' and ``Dead Man's Gun'' and a film industry news
      programme from MGM in its Saturday evening

      France, aiming to boost cinema attendance, does not allow
      television stations to broadcast films on Saturday

      The accord with MGM also gave TPS the right to first
      French TV screening of MGM films on its two Cinestar
      film channels and to use all of MGM's film library on
      its Cinetoile channel, broadcast on most cable
      networks as well as on TPS.

      MGM's film library, now
      the world's largest with some 5,300 titles, includes
      James Bond films as well as box office hits like ``Four
      Weddings and a Funeral'' and ``Silence of the

      TPS has also just signed an accord with NC
      Numericable, the cable network operator controlled by Canal
      Plus, which will now carry Cinestar and Cinetoile, de
      Posch said.

      TPS is 25 percent owned each by TF1,
      TV group M6 , M6's parent Suez-Lyonnaise des Eaux
      and a grouping of France Telecom and French general
      public TV channels France 2 and France 3.

    • MGM finished at 20 up 1 point!!!!! Damn I love this stock.

    • on a gold mine with their hugh library of films.
      I own MGM at 12 and this is the first time I am
      posting here.

      Question for the MGM longs. Does
      MGM have a distribution plan for their library of
      films? With the new tecnology of DVD and HDTV becoming
      more mainstream, MGM will have to re-master these
      films to accept the new HDTV format. Are they in the
      process of doing this now? I am also a stockholder of
      Laser Pacific Media LPAC. They specialize in this area
      among other things and are in the process of expanding
      their facility for increased production. They
      colaborated with Sony to develope equipment to master films
      for distribution in any format unique only to
      If MGM wanted to get the most out of their library
      wouldnt they want this technology so distribution would
      not be inhibited by format?

      Some response

    • As MGM (NYSE:MGM - news) talks to directors to
      consider a series of movies modelled on the Peter Sellers
      ``Pink Panther'' comedies, the studio has made a deal to
      develop a remake of another Sellers picture, the 1966
      satire ``After the Fox.''

    • MGM Resumes Discussions With Cablevision, Daily
      Variety Says

      Los Angeles, Aug. 30
      (Bloomberg) -- Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc. has resumed talks
      with Cablevision Systems Corp. regarding some type of
      distribution partnership for its film library, Daily Variety
      online reported, citing unnamed industry executives. The
      talks, which stalled in May, were revived by Jules
      Haimovitz, who recently was appointed to explore ways to
      distribute MGM's library, which is one of the world's
      biggest. MGM -- which along with Cablevision declined to
      comment -- also is said by the people to be holding talks
      with several potential cable partners, the paper

    • The new ceo alex y. has 5 mil. options ex. at 30. Have a little patience and alex will have them deep in the $$ sometime next year,just like mgg. got deep in the $$$ while he was there.!!watch.h

    • MGM is a homerun. People are starting to realize
      that what management is doing is making sense. Also,
      there is big news coming about a blockbuster deal with
      a cable company. I plan to hold this babay until it
      hits $30.

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