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  • fooltrader fooltrader Sep 30, 2011 4:37 PM Flag

    Too low to sell. I'll double down one last time.

    At $25. I've lost so much in the last week... It's more than most people save for retirement their whole lives. I should have just bought sold all my ERX last week and bought houses with it instead.

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    • fooltrader,

      How are u doing now, much better?!

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      • Oh yeah. Way better. I'm still kicking myself for selling the shares I got at $25 for $27.87. I thought it was only a Bernacke bounce so I sold it when he stopped talking. I looked like a winner when it went back down but then the FT news hit and the market jumped 350 pts in an hour and I ended the day looking like a fool.

    • test test test

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      • Pengo,

        that's is what i think of gold too just exactly like how you explained , but..... let me explain
        long when gold was at oh about $600 ,i even go as far as asking
        around ask jewelry stores for gold bars but nobody carry
        any,because i really want to own some physical gold, husband put
        me down (you cant eat gold) i kept an eye on both gold and
        oil , but i know oil you will always need etc... and then to my
        amazement gold took off to $800 and then start to climb toward
        $1000, and by then i think wow, i've realized dummy like me made
        the wrong bet the street/market is alot smarter they picked gold
        and my logic is wrong ... so the rest is history gold = $1950,
        maybe they hedge because of the trouble in europe, maybe they
        bought it because of fed printing money making our dollar
        worthless (hyperinflation), dont count out hyperinflation because
        i think fed really does not know what they're doing (as in housing)
        , or they do but dont care , why NOT steal when you CAN (disgusting)
        , i think gold only go down when fed start upping interest rate ,
        but look at japan , 10yrs rate is 1% , we are really becoming
        japan, well anyway i wish i own some gold (i mean really gold coin/and bars)
        , my mom own some when i was young , what do you have to lose,
        if it cut in half you can alway look at the pretty bar/coin lol ,
        they are really pretty and shiny

    • actually you can use gold to make purchases. peter schiff partnered with visa or mastercard and now you can make purchases with gold. you have a balance of gold and when you make purchases you literally pay with gold.

      google the dow-gold ratio & keep in mind that gov debt is probably going to get monetized..which means a lot of inflation. all it takes is for china and japan to stop buying treasuries. china has already sold a few hundred million - which is nothing but maybe an early sign

      i agree that gold is gonna drop as it did in 2008, and even when it bottoms i only see myself committing 10% of my portfolio

    • Hey fooltrader, hang in there buddy...

      What price-point did you buy in or what's your average cost?

      Some of us may be able to recommend an exit strategy to consider...


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