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  • badddd_trader badddd_trader Mar 5, 2013 3:33 PM Flag

    the disconnect between gold an the miners

    Gold 18% off September 2011 highs. The miners 46% off 2011 highs. Either gold has much further to fall or the miners are due for a rally. OR..........the fundamentals have changed significantly in the miners. Either way, getting tired of holding this dog.

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    • Read the Richard Russell post - He said GDX vs Gold Itself made a 5 yr low yesterday - i think gold stocks are correcting just like all bull markets do -

    • "the fundamentals have changed significantly "
      Is that so? What way they changed? Dividends now nearly 4% across the board,
      P/E below 10 across the board.. Those DOW junkies are in denial. Ones this Ponzi Market
      drops 1000 points then we'll go back to reality.

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      • It's ludicrous out there! You've got real value here in the miners and Buffett goes and buys Heinz at historic highs. I guess he doesn't understand how a company digs gold out of the ground either. Smith & Wesson at record demand levels and beats earnings but price plummets after hours. The only explanation is manipulation to match the elites' evil agenda. That's the only thing that makes sense. If you think you can print money forever and not have inflation, then I've got a condo on the moon I'd like to sell you. If they crash gold, I will max out every credit card and leverage myself to the hilt to buy physical. That's how much I believe in the PAYBACK that's long overdue!

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