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  • bearofbleecker bearofbleecker Nov 25, 2003 8:35 PM Flag

    Pick your good news

    Which of the following explains PFCB's buoyant behavior? (1)Being acquired by Berkshire-Hathaway (Warren loves these high P/E stocks).
    (2)Elimination of green onions on the mu-shu pork and chicken entrees delivers an extra 10% to the bottom line (3)PFCB's new in-house acupuncture clinics drastically lowering employee healthcare costs (4) Economies of scale: Soy sauce now being imported in company-owned fleet of tankers. (5)Funds are covering their hedges and creating a nice little short squeeze in the process.
    Trading patterns suggest that #5 is the correct answer. I, however, am still resolutely short. (I will always take the opportunity to sell a stock like this at 45 times earnings -- even if I don't own it.) And while I recognize that nothing said on these boards will influence the price of the stock, the current price will, in retrospect, I think, seem like a rare opportunity for longs. We'll see.

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