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  • cubandhub cubandhub May 2, 2005 1:51 AM Flag

    I shorted PFCB; other shorts?

    I rarely short stocks but this one I could not resist, seemed so easy at its valuation so I shorted it at just under $62 and bought and covered after it dropped under $56. It could drop more but I had a great gain already and wantd to lock in my profit, why get greedy? I almost shorted Panera Bread (PNRA) but it moved down before I got the chance so I missed out on that one.

    Someone mentioned WYNN as a good short, hmmmn interesting but it has already come down a bunch. GOOG looks tempting to short but a little too risky/volatile for me. Overpriced restaurant chains seem to be pretty predictable and have made good shorts this year.

    Right now shorting has been the best way to make money in the market. I am surprised shorting is not talked about more. On all of the business channels all they talk about are stock picks and which stocks to buy. What about which stocks to short? Any other stocks people think are good to short now?

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    • I only point out a company when
      * you can sell short its shares for at least as much per share as I have (on average) and
      * I have a short position and still think that it's a good short sale (and not and error on my part--yet....)

      VNX: trades way over book value per share, in fact over twice assets per share; losing money; negative cash flow; being sued by SHFL

      GXY: trades way over book value per share and over assets per share; current ratio < 1; losing money recently, but not bleeding cash reliably like VNX (which I prefer)

    • Good thing you didn't notice how overvalued it was in October at $45, or November at $50. Then you would be in the same boat as 99.9% of all the other losers.
      It's always dubious when someone comes in after the fact to talk about how easy it is to make money.

    • Beside being short PFCB I'm also short WYNN, TTEK, OPEN and SHOP.

      The reason they don't talk shorting on TV is to keep the secret to themselves!

    • The easy shorts are hard to borrow shares, for example CKXE, BJRI (another overvalued restaurant).

      Some other way overvalued stock (more than PFCB) are propped up by concept and hype, the real evaluation means little to the longs, such as LAMR,WFMI, and STRA.