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  • billberggren billberggren Jun 4, 2004 2:03 PM Flag

    if revenues only grow 20 percent

    a year and they give away 20 percent of the shares outstanding in stock options, what net does that leave to earnings growth.


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    • "they give away 20 percent of the shares outstanding in stock options"

      Do you have any factual basis for that statement?

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      • Hi jeff. Here's a peek at a Friday AM newsletter. Have a great weekend.
        "So in a nutshell, when the fractal dimension is high, the chart is congested and has stored up energy for a trending move. When the fractal dimension is low, the trend is played out -- the market has moved in a linear way -- and we can expect a period of consolidation and more haphazard price movement.

        By the way, all charts exhibit this same characteristic, from the 1 minute charts all the way up to weekly charts, and beyond. Even yearly charts. In fact, you could make a great case that the bull run from 1982 to 2000 was a massive trend, and the next period from 2000 to 2010 or so is going to be one long congestion period. History tells us that this is invariably the case after a big bull run.

        Back to the current market: I've been looking at the 150 minute SPX chart to tell us whether the long ETF positions from SPX 1110-ish are going to work out.

        Right now the 150 chart is flirting with dipping under its 20 period moving average, which is the first clue that a downtrend could be shaping up on this particular chart. However, the fractal dimension is still very congested -- up over 60 -- and that's telling us "no trend".

        If the fractal dimension moves down below 55 on a solid price move down through the 20 period average, I'll recommend getting out of long ETF positions. If, however, the energy is released to the upside, then we'll hang on for a likely 20 to 30 point move in the SPX.

        We can keep playing these 150 minute trends like this -- looking for smaller moves -- until the weekly trend gets in gear and starts a trend. Then I'll switch back to the leveraged Rydex funds.

    • And the point of this tautology is ?

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      • SSYS, may grow but, shares outstadning will grow with it. once the revenues, slow options will still be given, then new competitors will come or clients will decide to make things with real CNC machines.

        The moral SSYS is most likely going to be following the long list of junk stocks, if you don't work for the company or sit on the board, I would most likely say this stock is a waste of time. It may have a couple of good years left, just watch the revenues, if they don't increase 30 percent a year, sell it fast. Right now they are like 70 percent.

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