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  • eddiehascal_1 eddiehascal_1 May 8, 2013 11:21 AM Flag

    Rick, dont you get tired of promoting this piece of #$%$?

    Tell me again the positives that have ever come out of owning this stock. I mean to make up for the 84% drop in the stock that is since 2011. I mean it hasnt made a dime with Stan around, what in the heck is there to look forward to when, god forbid anytime soon, he bites the dust???? There is no future in this company or its stock. Show me I'm wrong. It has no upside potential whatsoever.

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    • I can't believe they have been around since 2001 an this is it. if they weren't getting a welfare check they would have been bankrupt years ago

      Sentiment: Hold

    • I’m not promoting the company (Did you even read my last couple of posts?). I’m sharing my research (the company doesn’t do a lot of press releases), that I do to take advantage of trading opportunities.
      It’s also my opinion that this company wasn’t set up to make money. It appears to be set up for the founders to shed costs to and take advantage of Stan’s fame.
      The company gets $2+ million per year (from Disney) because of Stan. I assume that when Stan goes, the company is sold (and puts us out of this misery). Now if Gill goes, I assume POW! gets $5 million from the life insurance policy on him and the stock shoots up.
      Short term (next couple of weeks), the thing to look forward to is revenue. We should see how much POW! gets from the YouTube channel, Kids Universe, and money POW! might get from Stan being in “Stan’s Mighty 7”.

      Medium term (next 12 months), I think “Stan’s Mighty 7” is the revenue generator, especially if it were picked up to be broadcast in other countries. If it is popular, licensing could bring POW! a few million. There is always the chance that Magic Storm finds a US partner and starts filming. In addition, I still have a little hope that NBC Universal will help develop “The Guardian Project”.
      Upside potential, yeah it still has some, but time is running out. Disney’s first look deal ends next year, unless they renewal (which might have a short-term positive effect on share price).

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      • It's funny how some on this board look to vent their own small mindedness on people that post positive articles about POW! . Keep up the grind Rickn23 and Riverdog33 I'm liking my 25k I made in the last run and look to make a lot more from POWN and yes the sooner the better but this is called invest and it can take years and POWN is looking like they are make several cash stream that should bring up the numbers in the filing and that is needed as is other thing too imo ( stocks are about tomorrow not today )

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • So what you are saying is this company wasn't set up to be profitable for shareholders. It is just a tool to milk investors to promote Stan's name. His name has value, so will Disney have rights to his name?

      • And, yes I do get tired of following this company. This might be my last year. There don't seem to be many trading opportunities anymore (and certainly not like other stocks that I own)..

        I own too many shares to just dump, so it would take time for me to exit my position.

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