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  • rickn23 rickn23 Nov 2, 2013 3:11 PM Flag

    Stan's announcement

    Stan's announcement yesterday was the unveiling of Zodiac. A Disney rep and Gill were at the announcement. There is a video link on iHub (thanks Riverdog). Stan tried to do his usual "that's all I can say", but Gill stepped up and offered some details. The Disney guy added excitement around the project. It's well worth watching.

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    • I'm saying to myself - Disney's gotta be seriously considering buying out the rest of POW! - would be a drop in the bucket compared to what they paid for Marvel and Star Wars, and they're getting a big pile of new characters with tremendous potential - Chakra and Annihilator possibly garnering huge audiences in India and China, Kids Universe targeting the elementary school age crowd, Comikaze would be a great promotional tool for Disney, and they can continue to parade old Stan around, eventually replacing him with an eternal hologram when he finally crosses over...

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • POW! does indeed have a lot of characters with potential coming out. Stan has been working on culturally diverse characters for superheroes with POW!. It's not something that other small comic book companies are doing. I also don't think it works too well when Marvel and DC try it. I think It's the right time and Stan is the right person to be working on this. I didn't think so a few years ago. The big budget (and box office hits) from Marvel and DC is sparking a worldwide need (maybe want) for home grown superheroes. I'm talking about "I'm here to save the day" type hero, not the "you robbed a bank, I'm going to blow you to pieces" hero (that's typical of other companies).

        Since none of the current crop of characters have been public long enough to gauge popularity, I don't think there is a way to value POW! properly, if Disney wanted to buy them. I'm sure Disney would not want to overpay for POW! Just to see the current characters turn out like some of Stan's previous stuff (Mosaic, Condor, Lightspeed...). I do have to say, I am more excited about the premises behind the current stuff, than Stan's earlier stuff. I think they have good potential.

        I also don't think Stan will want to sell POW! While he is in reasonably good health. Stan likes to work. POW! Gives Stan the opportunity to work at his own pace, travel when he wants to, and meet his growing adoring fan base. Life is good for him, why mess it up with someone else in charge. Maybe if Stan's health takes a turn for the worse, then he might sell.

        I think the better question is, What will POW! do with the money they will be making? I'm thinking the different partnerships should bring in millions. Will POW! hire more talent and grow the business? Will they stay the same size and disperse the excess cash as dividends? Hiring more talent means the company can grow rapidly. Dividends would certainly get the stock price up and give money to shareholder (especially Stan, Gill, Disney, and Lieberman estate).

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