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  • lo_octane lo_octane Oct 23, 2012 5:44 PM Flag

    I voted today, Ken

    Ken, as I participated in early voting today, I had to think of you as I scanned the ballot for "rotting stumps" to vote for. That image will be with me for quite a while. :)

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    • lo-octane,

      well done....get out and vote and vote they say in Chicago....home of Obama and now his hand picked "godfather and thug enforcer", Rahm Emanuel. The "rotting stump" has so many more admirable qualities than does the team of Obama and Biden. It was so nice to hear that when Biden met up with the father of an assasinated guard from the embassy that he asked the dad (in front of the guard mother)..."where did his son get his balls which must have been the size of billiard balls? Did Biden think he was somehow giving the family a compliment? What a low class act we have as a Vice President! In all honesty....If I were that father, I would have slugged that SOB hard enough to knock his hair plugs right off the top of his head....then if I were the family of Biden..........I would have him immediately tested for Alzheimer's disease. Does that man have anything of any decency in his head. There is seriously something wrong with the man who is one heartbeat away from representing our country saying something like that to anyone, let alone the parents of someone who has just been killed defending our Embassy. An Embassy which Team Obama abandoned by chosing not to send anyone in to rescue them (oh they knew that the Embassy was being attacked and knew very well what they were doing by abandoning them)....all to keep the Arabs from revolting...Obama and Biden intentionally sacrificed the the lives of the Embassador Stevens, and his guards just so that the Arabs calm down after having their "revenge".

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