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  • jshaef1 jshaef1 Jan 4, 2013 7:40 AM Flag

    Sandy Relief

    Attack of the Feral Spending Hogs! Millions of Unrelated Spending in Sandy Relief House Bill
    Posted by anthonybsanders [of the CounfoundedInterest dotcom website]

    I was born and raised on the Jersey shore and was very sorry for the people of The Garden State. Cat 1 storm Sandy did significant damage estimated to cost $20 billion.

    But the Feral Spending Hogs (aka, Congress) got their greedy pig’s feet into the legislation. They want $60.4 billion from American taxpayers. That is $40.6 billion more than the estimated damage. And NJ Governor Chris Christie criticizes Republicans (of course) and House Speaker John Boehner.

    What is in the Sandy relief bill?

    - The relief bill provides some $28 billion for future “disaster-mitigation” projects (sneaking in global warming prevention?)

    - The bill allocates $100 million for the repair of all 265 Head Start centers around the country.

    - More than $8 million to buy cars and equipment for the Homeland Security and Justice departments.

    - $150 million for fisheries in Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico.

    - $125 million for a Department of Agriculture program that would help Colorado cope with summer wildfires.

    - $2 million for the Smithsonian Institution to repair museum roofs in Washington, D.C.

    - $207 million for the VA Manhattan Medical Center.

    - $41 million to repair eight military bases along the storm’s path.

    - $4 million for repairs at Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

    - $1.1 million to repair national cemeteries.

    - $17 billion in Community Development Block Grant funds (aka, urban cash sinkholes) – this is in addition to the already existing Community Development Block Grant Entitlement Communities Grants program.

    - $3.3 million for the Plum Island Animal Disease Center of New York (the future home of Hannibal Lecter in “Silence of the Lambs”)

    National Head Start Centers? Alaskan and Gulf fisheries? Colorado? What do these have to do with Sandy and the Jersey shore? NOTHING! It sounds like Snooki wrote the bill rather than Congress.

    Living in a location where there are hurricanes is risky. There is private insurance available. If not, move. Why should people in Nebraska pay for their risk taking? The pork barrel spending is outrageous on top of it. Boehner and the House Republicans are right, Christie is wrong.

    Perhaps we should put on that Hannibal Lecter mask on Governor Christie if he continues to demand pork. And the perpetual feral spending hogs Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.

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