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  • amazinggrace1979 amazinggrace1979 Jun 30, 2002 7:34 AM Flag


    Nine boys break out of Hickey School
    2 caught; police search for 7 'hardcore' offenders

    State troopers using a helicopter and police dogs were searching last night for seven of nine teen-age boys, described as "hardcore" offenders, who escaped from the Charles H. Hickey Jr. School by crawling through a broken window, officials said.
    The boys broke out about 8:30 p.m. and ran into nearby woods, state police said. State police said juvenile justice officials discovered the escape during a routine check of the boys' rooms and noticed the broken window. There were conflicting reports last night about whether the boys scaled a tall fence topped with barbed wire or cut through it.

    The boys should be considered dangerous, said police, who warned people to use caution if they see them.

    "They are hardcore and high-risk" offenders, said Lt. Raymond Grissett of the Golden Ring barracks, whose troopers were leading the search.

    It was unclear where police were concentrating their search early this morning. No police or security patrols were apparent near the Hickey School.

    State police used a helicopter at the start of the search but had to send it to another emergency. They were using police dogs to track down the teen-agers.

    About an hour after the escape, troopers caught two 16-year-old boys near Gun Hill Circle and Parkfalls Road, about two miles from the school, police said. Troopers initially focused their search for the remaining escapees in nearby woods.

    Police said the boys were wearing white shirts with "Hickey School" emblazoned on them and gray pants. It was not clear last night why the teen-agers were being held at the Hickey School, a maximum security facility for juvenile offenders in Carney.

    State police referred all other questions to juvenile justice authorities, who could not be reached for comment last night.

    Local residents said they were surprised by the escape. One woman said she was eating ice cream when she heard a helicopter flying over her house on Powderhorn Lane.

    Another received a recorded telephone message from the school warning residents about the escape and saying that authorities were trying to find seven boys. She was told to turn on her home's lights and to call police if they see any of the boys.

    Catia Petronelli, who lives near the school, heard about the escape from her nervous husband, who called her. She said her parents, who also live nearby, came over about 10 p.m., because they were worried about the escapees.

    It was not the first breakout from the Hickey School this year. In January, two teens escaped from a transportation van as it approached Hickey after the boys appeared in court. Last year, two boys broke out of the school's infirmary.

    Hickey is one the state's three largest juvenile facilities, which are home to hundreds of the state's male teen-age offenders.

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    • ranger_buford_t_justice ranger_buford_t_justice Jun 30, 2002 10:29 AM Flag

      Big ole suprise there. Another juvie gone bad. I personally am raisin' the celebration shot of tequila over the lost florida contracts. That will make two less losers over the coming years. When will we all figure out these juvies are like anchors to the boat. With them dropped we ain't goin' nowhere. Might have to take a step back before we go forward. And for all you disgruntled employees postin' (quite a few), since when did a little game a hide the sausauge become illegal in the good ole USA? Kickbacks I could understand your frustrtation at, if they were true. I spose yall speak in code so big brother won't hear you, right?

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      • � �

        9 offenders from Hickey School caught after escape

        By Stephen Kiehl
        Sun Staff

        July 1, 2002

        Nine teen-age boys who removed a window and cut through two fences to escape from the Charles H. Hickey School on Saturday were back in custody by the end of the night, authorities said yesterday.
        Two of the boys were caught shortly after the 8:30 p.m. escape from the school for juvenile offenders in Cub Hill.
        State troopers and Baltimore County police used helicopters and police dog units to catch the other seven escapees about 11:40 p.m. in a residential area near Joppa Road and Walther Boulevard, about two miles from the school.
        The boys, ages 15 to 17, were on foot, unarmed and wearing their Hickey School uniforms. They have committed "everything from drug crimes to assault," said Lee Towers, a spokesman for the Department of Juvenile Justice.
        The nine boys will also face escape charges. They were turned over to the juvenile justice department and dispersed to juvenile facilities throughout the state, Towers said.
        "We don't like to send them back to the same facility when something like this happens," he said. Their absence from King Hall at the Hickey School was noticed about 8:30 p.m. by staff on a routine check.
        The boys had removed a metal-frame security window, Towers said. Then they opened a glass window and slipped out of a ground-floor dorm room and cut through two fences and escaped into the woods.
        Two of the boys, both 16, were caught about 9:30 p.m. near Gun Hill Circle and Parkfalls Road, about two miles east of the school. The other seven were caught two hours later about two miles south of the school.
        Towers said the boys, who were from various parts of the state, were in a 12- to 18-month enhanced program for youths who have committed serious offenses.

      • I have to agree with you on the tequila shot ranger!
        I don't know about Polk, but I know the Bartow contract was causing a loss of money especially when the building (owned by the government) it previously occupied had to be closed due to unhealthy conditions.
        Most people look at the revenue loss, it is good to see that some check the bottom line AFTER expenses.

        As for this "Kev"......wasn't he in a position that they never had anyone in before so why waste the money now?