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  • fantumone fantumone Mar 22, 2004 5:54 AM Flag

    CSC Camp in Tacoma

    All should know that a very strong local group is about to drop an injuction in the lap of CSC which will delay the opening of the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma, Washington. This group has the support of the local County Prosecutor and other local and regional officials. The group has some big money supporting both its organizational efforts and legal efforts. Union support is mounting and a new scandal involving potential bribery of officials is brewing.

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    • I would hope that you are not a member of this group as your disclosure of a pending injunction could not possibly be considered beneficial to the cause. I'm familiar with the position of the prosecutor and others in the community and expect a full blown debacle to ensue. I'm stayin out of it, but assuming they would like to peruse a dossier of pertinent documents, just waitin for the phone to ring.

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      • You are obviously an ex-CSC employee and I'm sure the company is better off without the benefit of your services. You appear to be a big fan of another ex-employee, Bill Paul. You best check your information about what part Mr. Paul played in the success of CSC in Seattle. You may find that he was not THE godlike individual you profess him to be. You two are in very good company with each other. I am sure that you and Mr. Paul are willing to share gossip and inuendo with anyone who cares to listen, whether they be investigators, attorneys, or other ex-employees.

      • At this point there is little CSC can do about what is coming down other than try and rush the completion date. Sure would like to have your number to pass to the group.

    • WELL !!!!

      imagine that......