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  • happy_happy_camper happy_happy_camper Sep 13, 2004 11:15 AM Flag

    Widespread Incompetence

    You know, outsiders may think that this type of mayhem is to be expected in the industry, but those of us who have given our service and a portion of our lives to this company know that the truth is that escapes, abuse, and staff incompetence are all due to the fact that corporate does not take the stand that they will operate professionally run facilities with well-trained, knowledgeable staff. It's like me deciding to open a law practice and thinking I can do it without a lot of education and training. When staff are well trained, they get satisfaction from their jobs even if they're not getting rich. This company can't thrive because it is a shell without substance. It's like someone's get rich quick scheme.They act like they want to get in and make as much as possible before they are exposed as frauds. Shameful when you think of the kids lives that are affected.

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    • Over the years the for-profit industry has demonstrated that this IS the industry standard. Artificially low wages, save for management, few benefits, poor screening of new employees, lack of training and presence of few long-term employees in a difficult and dangerous job situation are a prescription for chaos. Look at these reported wages for guards:
      WCC/GEO (New Mexico) $7.95/hr.
      CiviGenics (Texas) $6.45-$7.25/hr.
      Cornell (Alaska) $8.50/hr.
      MTC (California) $8.00/hr.

      Anyone got a # for CCA?

      On the other hand, look at CEO salaries:
      GEO/ Zoley $3.8 million (about 225 times that of line employees, compared to 10 times differential in Japanese industry)

      Staff turnover, industry nationwide, last reported in '00: 52% per annum