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  • justis4mine justis4mine Nov 10, 2004 9:54 AM Flag

    It continues....

    The long term profitability of this company will never improve until it can stop being involved in litigation. The litigation will continue as long as the widespread mismanagement and abuse occurs. The situation at the Bill Clayton Detention Center in Texas continues to worsen. While the much publicized escape of inmates being assisted by staff members has drifted out of the public eye there continues to be issues at this facility. After the escape, inmates were "locked down". During a period of time in excess of six weeks certain inmates were denied access to telephones, were unable to send mail, were not allowed to shower on a regular basis, did not receive a hot meal for nearly a month, were denied access to treatment and educational programs and denied visits. Inmates are routinely sent to confinement with no proper hearing. This facility has no clear policies or procedures and officers basically subject inmates to whatever type of abuse they want to. Inmates have been physically abused and the Lieutenant on duty at the time was fired but the other officers involved remain at the facility, as does the victim. THese officers continue to physically abuse, harass, threaten and intimidate offenders. These inmates are at this facility on a contract with the state of Wyoming to house low risk, non violent offenders. Unfortunately, the state of Texas and CSC takes the distance from their families to mean that there is nobody to look out for or care about their rights. They are sadly mistaken. Presently the abuses are being investigated by the ACLU and inmate families are seeking legal counsel. Nobody denies that these are prisoners and should be treated accordingly but they are also human beings who have basic human rights.

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    • A legal resident was beaten to a bloody pulp in Tacoma. He did nothing but bleed.

    • I always expect this argument to deteriorate into the two oversimplified generalizations: either you are an abusive tyrant who manages inmates with cruelty or you are a bleeding heart, weak-willed pushover. The fact is, you can believe that inmates should be given respect and basic human rights, AND also believe that they should be held accountable for their choices. The question is, should our society view incarceration as purely punitive - a kind of "revenge" for what the inmate has done - or rehabilitative - attempting to change his thought/behavior patterns. Of course, it is often emotionally satisfying to think of a thief or a murderer suffering, but with emotion taken out of the equation and practicality in mind, we should be focussing on rehabilitation. Because when that thief or murder is released, and statistics show overwhelmingly that he will be, our goal should be to release a less agressive, more respectful, more ethical member of society. Arguing against running facilities that allow abuse, neglect, and disrespect of inmates (and of course CSC/YSI does not have a corner on THAT market) doesn't mean you have warm, fuzzy feelings for inmates -- it just means you believe what Gandhi said, "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." When you overpower and threaten inmates to get what you want from them, you reinforce what the world has taught them thus-far: the big dog gets the bone, the tough guy always wins, and you can take what you want if it's not given to you. To get different results, we should be doing something different.

    • Dear BleedingheartJustis,

      You are incredible! I guarantee that there are no inmates in any CSC or Martha Stewart type prison for running a red light, getting behind the wheel after a beer or two, or someone that smokes a little weed. Maybe there is somebody that drank a bottle or two of booze, ran 10 red lights, trying to sell 20 pounds of weed to elementary school kids, but you are stoned if you claim there is anyone in prison for a single misdemeanor crime. Maybe it�s OK in Wyoming to drive drunk, but where I come from innocent people die from these poor individuals that are just trying to pay their debt to society. How long should one go to prison for killing someone because they drank too much? God forbid they have cold meals for a month just for risking and taking innocent people�s lives.

      We should jail the real bad people that serve hot coffee at McDonalds and leave the reckless driving, alcoholic, drug pushers alone!

    • Hey Tony,
      As a matter of fact, one of these angels came OUT of my home and could very easily come out of yours. The average American commits some type of minor crime every day. Whether it's running that red light or getting behind the wheel of a vehicle after they have had a beer or two. Of course, there are also those people in all walks of society that smoke a little "weed" now and then. Wait until some member of YOUR family gets a short term sentence for some minor infraction of the law and see how you look at inmate rights. When it's your father, brother, sister or mother who is locked up with people who ARE hardened criminals and gets treated worse than a dog you'll change your tune.
      Bottom line is that everyone has rights, however basic they may be.

    • Well justis, here is how I see it:

      Someone needs to "Cowboy Up". The board needs to grab their balls and stand up to good ole boy JS!!!

      No where else in America could a CEO screw up so many different business ventures and cost the investors a ton of money and continue to stay in control except for CSC!!!

      As for the issues at Bill Clayton Detention Center, neither JS or his do boys care!!! Get into the litigation line. He has the power and the money to continue to fight the battles. Majority of them will be settled out of court or tied up in court with appeals ect. for so long that the victims will give out from exhaustion and lack of funds.

      As you stated the inmates are prisoners and have obviously done something illegal and violated the rights of another human being which is why they are currently incarcerated. Wait a minute, from that description, sounds to me like they work for JS. The only thing missing from the description is immoral and unethical.

      Get the FACTS. Research this company and the Departments it is collaborating with. Realize that over and over all around the country this company is continuing to fail to meet the basic needs of the inmates in their care, failing to pass the inspections and quality insurance audits, failing to screen and train employees properly and once again failing to protect the:

      and the States they collaborate with.

      Wyoming is at a crossroads with limited space for inmates which is the reason for them being sent to Texas in the first place. Wyoming needs to wake up and bring their inmates home and stop pumping money into this company that is only going to repay them with litigation that is going to cost Wyoming and its tax payers even more money in the long run.

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      • I absolutely concur with your post and just wonder how long ol' Jimbo will be allowed to continue to abuse his position and condone this abuse. As you stated, nobody in that company gives a damn about the quality of services that are being provided nor will they EVER. Unfortunately, I know all too well how this company operates. Hasn't anyone realized by now that the failures of the juvenile division are a direct result of the mismanagement and poor quality of services?? The fact that juveniles offenders in this country are afforded more rights than their adult counterparts plays a HUGE role in that. The adult division is managing to survive due to the lack of quality assurance measures in adult programs. The fact that the state of Texas is rated the WORST for their treatment of inmates does not help, either. It never ceases to amaze me that the offenses that are being committed against Iraqi prisoners of war are the called atrocities by the American people and soldiers are doing prison time and losing their careers over them. The same offenses occur in American jails and prisons on a daily basis and nothing is done.