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  • mcprison mcprison Dec 8, 2000 11:57 AM Flag

    Contract, pt 2

    The provision banning kitchen use angered
    Commissioner J.D. Johnson, who called it "ridiculous" and
    hesitated to continue his
    support in light of Williams'

    "I want a better reason for not letting
    them use the kitchen than just, `The sheriff doesn't
    want them using it,' " Johnson said. "If there is no
    better reason, then I'm going to insist that it [use of
    the kitchen] be included in the contract."

    Johnson's support is crucial to the passage of the
    contract, which has divided the five- member court.

    When CSC won the contract in August, the vote was 3-2.
    Commissioners Johnson and Glen Whitley voted for it, along with
    County Judge Tom Vandergriff.

    Dionne Bagsby and Marti VanRavenswaay voted against it
    and are likely to do the same when it comes time to
    the contract, an action that is scheduled for
    Tuesday but may face more delays.

    said he's optimistic that comissioners will be able to
    find a solution to the dispute over the kitchen issue.

    But even if he's right, there's another wild card.
    Whitley expressed reservations yesterday about voting on
    the contract without Anderson's input.

    the November election, Anderson had unsuccessfully
    requested that the issue be put off until after the new
    sheriff took office.

    Whitley directed county
    staff members Wednesday to give a copy to Anderson
    before next week's vote. He said he had not talked to
    Anderson about it.

    Whitley hopes that Anderson
    will have formed some opinion on it by next week.

    "That's why I asked that they send something to him,"
    Whitley said. "If Dee Anderson has problems with it, I'm
    not going to support it."

    Anderson said he
    doesn't know "enough about it to form an opinion on it."

    "I'd like to look at it and evaluate it and our needs
    for all of the facilities and let some professional
    people that I trust look at it from top to bottom," he
    said. "But if the commissioners want to get moving on
    it, they can. I understand why they would want to."