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  • aw0099 aw0099 Jan 26, 2001 6:50 PM Flag

    Mcprison , You bad boy

    You have got to call Mcprison out and understand what he is about. He will never tell you about the two that escaped from a maximum security prison in oklahoma. Just the two from a private institution. He will not tell you about the Director getting fired for the inmates having sex in the governors mansion. He will not tell you about the two inmates killed in New York last month. He will not tell you about the women being abused in the Miami Dade lockup, being moved to another location and know allegations of the same thing has popped up. He will not tell us anything about the texas seven that escaped and murdered a police officer, shooting him eleven times then running over him with their car. See he thinks the regular everyday citizen are suckers, just like the press does. But more and more of us that are in the prison business are not taking it anymore. I have worked in the public system and in the private. Both have issues from time to time. That happens when you lock people up that do not want to be there. Rules and regulations are in place, the breakdown is when people do not follow the rules or correct problems responsibly. Mcprison just likes to spread bad news, he is kind of like old Jessee Jackson he runs to it like he is doing some kind of service to the readers of this board. I was starting to miss him on the Cxw, Whc, and Crn boards. See we ran him off of those boards I thought he would just carry his Dan Rather act somewhere else and he did right here to the CSC board. He has some kind of ax to grind with the private prison industry. I do not know what it is. So once again I will tell you old Mac the private industry is a small part of the Justice system. It is not going anywhere. It is no threat to you unionized liberals. The study's are out. The private sector is better in some areas, and worse in others. Public and private both have pluses and minuses. Get on to something else. Get a life. Report it all are go away. Your running out of boards brother.

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