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  • ucf_dad ucf_dad Jan 31, 2013 2:29 PM Flag

    Oh darn, got busy and missed the CC

    Was it as exciting and and enlightening as we all had expected? Did ronnie impress everyone with his executive skill set?
    Has Berkshire-Hathaway taken a majority stake in the company?
    Come on folks, share the details with those of us who were unfortunate enough to miss the second coming of whatever this was!

    On a serious note, I feel bad for the few decent people who got sucked in. Fortunately, I doubt anyone spent more than .01 for it.

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    • It was so bad that it would make one cringe to think he has more than a central nervous system to operate on. Of coarse we have all read his poorly written prs, but can't imagine what he thought he would accomplish by repeating the same old we are growing the company #$%$, like having a conference call is some kind of fertilizer,,,,well I guess it is kinda like #$%$, it makes some things grow. But seriously this guy needs to keep his trap shut when around investors. He is just a grunt employee with the dubious title of CEO.

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      • What a surprise. Don't tell me he is as illiterate as our resident pumper!! Hmmmmmm. Did anyone notice if our pumper was absent from the message board while ronnie was talking? Have the two of them ever been seen at the same time? Inquiring minds would like to know.

        It would explain a lot of things, including the publishing of personal info that ronnie had in his possession on this message board.

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