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  • Networthdev Networthdev Jul 23, 2011 8:45 AM Flag

    BEST iRobot Medical acquisition

    Berkeley Bionics

    Yahoo will not post link, if interested, Google story title from Denver Post

    "Bionic" legs move paraplegics' lives to delirious heights

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    • truly amazing! proof that in today's technological world - anything is possible. never give up hope!

      but where does irbt figure in......networth?

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      • Have to agree with you,Vail170.

        Certain posters here keep promoting Berkley Bionics as a buy or investment opp.

        Yes it is very clever and a very worthy (almost miraculous) technology, but I do not see the connection with IRBT. IRBT is about autonomous/telepresence systems, not about bionics/prosthetics. None of IRBTs systems are legged/bipedal, so no synergy there.

        If BB have an IPO, sure I might pick up some, but I doubt they will need to come to the market for funds. Look a their website's list of investors. Bottom line it is a niche technology and a poor fit with IRBT. If Colin is getting his wallet out, I would hope it would be for a company that brings software smarts or sensors that can be applied right across IRBTs products and further widen the "moat" with the also-rans and wannabes.

        Over to you, Networth!


    • Wow, a little SENSITIVE are we??

      Yes, IRBT needs/could use SOMETHING (aren't all companies supposed to try and MAXIMIZE shareholder value?), they are UNFAIRLY undervalued. EITHER existing management figures that out, and how to address, or they will eventually be GONE (management that is). JUST STATING A FACT with regard to how the world works. There is TREMENDOUS value in IRBT that is not being seen and NEEDS to be unlocked. No offense if you are existing management, I believe the team has done a great job (with the exception of addressing the medical/medical device market place) and getting the investment world to SEE THE TRUE VALUE. If this team can't DO it, they will be replaced, or find themselves at the nasty end of a smart acquirer, that sees the potential and KNOWS how to develop/attain. I love IRBT and have been, and will continue to be a LONG TERM INVESTOR (been here since April of 2007, so have ridden it down, and now back up). I just believe their is GREAT opportunity in the medical market place, and BB could be a foot in the door.

    • Also, Boston Dynamics is in development mode and recently received a SIGNIFICANT military contract to continue DEVELOPMENT. Yes, IRBT has had EXCELLENT commercial success, I just believe that success is NOT being sufficiently reflected in the price of the stock. FOR HEAVENS SAKE, look at the numbers I provided on ISRG. There IS NO REASON IRBT stock should sell at SUCH a market multiple DISCOUNT to ISRG as it does. They need into this space, they know it, and ARE trying. This, (BB) is another opportunity. Closing your mind is not a good way to GROW a business.

    • i think AVA is the sex appeal... they just need to concentrate on that...

      they atart dividing up thier resources they will lose focus... thats jmho though...

    • Understand, and valid point, but I believe they can manage. They seem to manage multiple product types in the commercial and military space very successfully.

      Also, I have worked in the hospital world, and I HOPE I am wrong, but selling to hospitals is VERY tough. If they have not discovered yet, hospitals and hospital departments FIGHT for capitol. The doc's that bring in revenue with the ISRG type devices get all the dollars and capital DISTRIBUTION is done almost exclusively on a tough ROI requirement/test. I hope they have built their ROI justification to go talk to hospitals about!!! Plus, there are only approximately 6,500 hospitals out there. Okay market I guess, but the ROI issue really makes me question the potential here.

    • One additional thought, with regard to your point on my TYPING.

      If you don't like my typing, we'll, that is EXACTLY what makes AMERICA great, I am free to express myself (legally) as I please. I certainly HOPE you are not IRBT management, because if so, you LACK professionalism, and an OPEN MIND to consider what IS ABSOLUTELY could be a significant opportunity for IRBT.

    • thank you networth and m32fan.......excellent points on both sides..... and in the end I see networths point.......i can see IRBT acquring the technology for the the potential military benefits.
      thoughts on earnings this after....? think it will it be another reaction similar to april 26?

    • replace nurses... well not all of them... but at least the need for "more"... a nurse makes what 75-125K per year probably? thats all the ROI they need to justify...

      6500 hospitals and say a replacement of 10 per hospital out of 100's or even 1000's of staff... thats 65000 units.

    • Would be nice and hope you are correct. Hospitals in general are skeptical of the "we can cut so many bodies" argument, but lets hope they put some HARD numbers together to present. Other problem is, hospitals are SLOW purchasers, but then they have some experience with that selling to the government. :-)

    • I never know what to expect, especially these days. Have had companies with GREAT numbers and not so great reaction, and companies with not so great numbers and GEAT reaction??

      Long term think we are fine, and fingers crossed for the short term :-)


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