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  • onebase onebase Apr 26, 2012 12:21 PM Flag

    IROBOT: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

    The Good. Last quarter report proves that Roombas are selling well, year over year growth is strong at 20%, that's high growth business territory deserving much higher multiple. Healthy sales of home robots continues to prove the concept, people are exited about home automation and perfectly willing to buy imperfect, early stage product. Roomba is becoming a status appliance in countries like Japan, Russia, France, etc, assuring further market expansion.
    The Bad. Lack of real product innovation, boring and dull design, slow introduction of even minor innovations and improvements. Since Apple demonstrated how great design practically creates new product categories many consumer companies devote more attention to design, not IROBOT. No strategy to leverage home robots success into various small office/institutional/industrial cleaning/maintenance applications.
    The Ugly. Management lacks clear strategic vision. Uninspiring leadership. Inarticulate management without any sign of spark and enthusiasm for excellence and innovation.

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    • I agree with your assessment. That is why I just keep IRBT confined to the lower half of my portfolio. At least Colin Angle is not nearly as creepy as Larry Page and the three amigos at Google. I will give Colin an extra point for being a descent human being.

    • you willing to spend 10,000 on a robot? if not... then the market isn't there yet... look at thier homepage and look at thier R&D projects...

      most people cry for a lawn mower... think about that... one mistake... someone losses a toe... or worse some kid gets injured why mess in a market that could ruin you?

      AVA is the next step... if you can't see the vision in AVA you shouldn't be in this stock imo...

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      • What exactly is Ava?

        This is a good stock to hold long. Stop looking at it day-to-day or quarter-to-quarter. It's the future. It'll be an IBM-type stock one day. Just wait patiently....its time will come.

      • Too easy to steal as well.. An unattended lawn-bot is pretty juicy target. The trick is to find a job that can be robotized cheap enough -- without huge R&D. I think Irbt's mgmt is doing just fine with the upgrades to packbot/sugv and the much improved Roomba and Scooba, and the foray into hospitals and the...

        There is a lot going on at IRBT.

        I was expecting G+I to be > 50% in sales if not in profit... nice the Roomba is selling so well in the new markets.

        I am a little miffed that SUGV isn't getting deployed in the thousands. I personally believe that they would save a lot of (our troops) lives.

    • That's pretty much the definition of most american companies since they got into the outsourcing business and shortsightedness of short term profits over a long term plan. America companies started to lose their creativity once they got into this cutting cost mentality over keeping a steady workforce and team approach for the long term well being of the company.

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