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  • cdcapewell Feb 6, 2013 8:31 PM Flag

    Colin Angie (CEO) could be the next Steve Jobs!

    How could you not like having this guy at the helm..? Colin Angle (born 1967) is co-founder, chief executive officer and chairman of the board of iRobot Corporation, maker of the Roomba vacuum cleaning robot and the PackBot military robot. He holds a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering and a Master of Science in computer science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.[1] In iRobot’s early days, Angle and his team designed the behavior-controlled rovers for NASA that led to the Sojourner exploring Mars in 1997.[3] Angle’s team won the NASA Group Achievement Award for its accomplishments, and his name is inscribed inside the case of Spirit, the Mars exploration rover on display at NASA. Before co-founding iRobot in 1990, Angle was president of Artificial Creatures Inc. Earlier in his career, Angle worked at MIT’s Artificial Intelligence Laboratory,[4] where he first teamed with iRobot co-founders Helen Greiner and Rodney Brooks. Angle’s master thesis at MIT produced Genghis, a six-legged autonomous walking robot[1] that has been displayed at the Smithsonian National Air and Science Museum in Washington, D.C. Angle has won numerous awards. He currently sits on the board of directors of Axon Labs, Inc. and is active on the Robotics and Intelligent Machines advisory board.

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    • I would rather have a business person at the helm.
      Your post is one of the dumbest in a long time.

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    • What is it with you people and Steve jobs? The man was a complete loser outside of marketing. All the money in the world will not change the fact that he did nothing for the world but #$%$ innovation via stealing (initially), disiformation (about his products which stunk), and strongarming (copyright and patents for things that should have never been alowed). None of his personal contributions to humanity helped us in any way and the only thing he ever did for himself is design cases and copyrighting shapes and color combinations. The man is only a winner in the eyes of people who worship money. Money /= success. I have a lot of money myself, so I speak out of experience.

      The only reason jobs got anywhere was because of Wozniak. Jobs himself is a #$%$. Recall Apple almost went under because of his draconian business doctrine and the utter failure of the business model he tried to shove up everyones backside. Things stabalized and finally started to turn after he was pushed out (fired).

      If Jobs was born just 1 year later, he would have been another one of those starving artists wondering why the world doesnt just give him everything for free. If you want to attribute any success to apple, it was not due to Jobs, it was due to the engineers and scientists (Woz) who created the original systems who were then exploited by parasites like Jobs.

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