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  • jsteveco730 jsteveco730 Feb 14, 2013 2:18 PM Flag

    Putting the FOOL into Motley Fool

    Motley Fool has so many out of touch contributors. They just recently reported a segment on a robot “Walking” into a hospital room. That technology has been around for a while now. In fact IRBT and others are so far past this simple controls problem that if anyone at the FOOL knew anything about technology in this area lone they would see far more than they are reporting. It just goes to show us that Motley is so far behind the times it is hard to imagine any one taking anything they say seriously. Go do you own research and I assure you that the information you uncover will far surpass anything these hack wanna bees are doing today.

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    • lol after reading a few things from them I never click on their articles now

    • The countless stories of doctor shortages will make the RP-VITA a hospital mainstay. In the state of New York, there is a shortage of 1200. That's just right now as more and more doctors say, "forget about" working for Obama. IRBT will be a fifty buck stock in 18 months or less imo.

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      • I hear the same from my better half. She is seeing the same. As far as Obama's attempt to fix healthcare, it seems he is doing more to weaken it. i have yet to see a Harvard grad - from the school of law - solve and social or national problem yet. President Obama is definitely fooling some of the people that he gets it but I hardly see any qualities in that man to show me he is a capable and knowledgeable leader. I do not want to make this all about him since I feel he is such an easy target to comment negatively on. I just wish our country had more collective intelligence to select good leaders. We have a lot of capable people. Look at the ones who work at IRBT. If government was out of their way, we would have more robots doing the work people are doing that put them in harm’s way. We sent men to the moon in the 60s with far less technology, and here we are today slow rolling robotics when we could be supplanting them doing the job while protecting our young men and women. To say President Obama is doing enough in this area would be a flat lie. He wants to throw more money about our already allocated tax dollars that go into roads and highways and let this enabling technology slow crawl. To me our president just does not get it and would rather help the union workers just for the sake of ensuring his party gets that vote.

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