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  • onebase onebase Apr 27, 2013 8:56 PM Flag

    Business model for RP-VITA

    If I were to find myself in some god forsaken sht hole hospital or even your down the road bethisraelmountsinaist.patrickst.peter I'd wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Angle statement. “Would you rather be seen by the world expert in strokes...or by the guy down the hall? RP-VITA is about allowing people to see specialists and have access to more sophisticated treatments, which leads to better outcomes.” Of course I'd rather have a genius doctor telemedicine me then a local yokel applying his understanding of modern medicine on my feeble body. However, I still don't see the point in expensive self-steering medical cart. Nurses do a fine job rolling all sorts of medical carts that could be fitted with a webcam and a display. Installing a webcam and a display in a hospital room is another simple inexpensive solution. If a network of highly skilled doctors is exclusively attached to RP-VITA then it may get some traction. But the real money and high value high return business is in creating and managing the network of genius doctors who are ready to administer telemedicine anytime, anywhere. Simply leasing self-navigating piles of gadgets is a losing proposition.

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    • onebase, RP-Vita succeeds the RP-7 as InTouch's topline telepresence robot.

      "This is a step-up from InTouch's earlier medical robot, the RP-7, which is in use in over 600 hospitals across the country. That one requires the use of a joystick to operate. With RP-VITA, the doctor controls the robot's movements using an iPad. Yulun Wang, chairman and CEO of InTouch Health, tells Mashable the doctor on the other end can split the screen so the top half is a video image as seen through the robot, and the bottom half can be a map. Tap on a location on the map and the robot navigates there."

      The RP-7 is well-established and used in over 70,000 consultations per year. Dr. Wang of InTouch has been doing this for some time and these machines are accepted. InTouch also has the RP-Lite and RP-Vantage which are hand pushed and, of course, much less expensive. Finally, there is the RP-Xpress which is hand-held and meant for use in ambulances and on-the-go. There is a model for every budget with the RP-Vita being the deluxe limo.

      The senior partner with the RP-Vita is InTouch and their website is more informative about the RP-Vita than iRobot's. We will see how it goes, but I think the chances favor the RP-Vita.

    • the doctor can move it around and nurses can stick to important tasks. They also do not have time to continually move a cart with a webcam from room to room. Nurses already say they are highly overworked so imagine them doing that.

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      • I'm not too familiar with hospitals inner workings so perhaps your points are valid but I'm not convinced. Hospital rooms have doors and patient beds screened with privacy curtain, who's going to open the doors and slide the curtains for RP-VITA? Hospitals have to be redesigned to allow for unencumbered roaming of RP-VITA without any human assistance.

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