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  • leary_4 leary_4 Jan 19, 2005 2:45 PM Flag at it's worst

    As per usual Yahoo proves it is not a news service. I don't know the firm that issued today's downgrade and I believe this says something.

    At least one of the large brokers mentioned by Yahoo (last May was the newest report and yes it was a downgrade) has issued a new report since the beginning of the year. It maintains a market perform (hold) with a trading range around 13 and a target of 17 to 19.

    No doubt ALVR is convulsing and maybe the falling knife catchers will make a killing. 1st quarter is historically week (last year notwithstanding). The street expects single digit growth and yet here is a well respected brokerage which seems not to see the sky falling.

    Invariably sh. price will recover. Earnings will come in as expected with perhaps a penny lacking.

    4 New contracts plus Mexico since Nov. I think this firm is on solid footing. Geographically diverse, range of products and proven sales record.

    I'm not happy with the avalanche of insider selling and I don't believe it was necessary. Israeli securities law are notoriously generous with beneficial owners and they seem to be able to pick either U.S. or domestic Securities agencies. They sold, it sent a bad message and now we're flirting with 10.

    Do I think Zvi sabotaged his own firm. Frankly yes, he is no better than any other CEO with a mind set of doing the least amount possible to increase share holder value. Do I think he is capable of leading the firm to new heights, yes. Will I reap the same reward he felt entitled to- not at all. Regrettably, he now falls under the same veil of suspicion I hold every CEO to. I�m sure he works very hard and has perhaps not been adequately rewarded well join the club boyo. I am part of the new corporation- increased revenue by way of increased hours (on salary so no overtime) and for the last 3yrs a pay freeze. This isn't effeciency it's the firms most vulnerable and valuable asset taking a waxing- the employee.

    I work hard come home and work some more on market stuff. It's not something I have a choice with. Crappyer benefits than 10 years ago a laughable 401-k and medical plan and best of all my longest vacation was my fathers funeral.

    So, man the pumps Zvi and cry me a river if you think you're the only one working and spending money and time away from family for this firm- your not.

    Time for some damage control. And do it right this time maybe an explanation of the orgy of insider selling. Something the investment community will believe was an anomaly and won't happen again.

    Here's to knife catching and hoping Zvi will try his luck and put his money (once again) where his mouth is


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