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  • pilchdownman pilchdownman Mar 24, 2005 8:28 AM Flag

    Mr Charisma Zvi Slonimsky

    Maybe next time he'll tout ALVR's business instead of wasting the precious airtime playing general WIMAX instructor. He didn't sell ALVR so well.

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    • What do you want?

      Statements similar to what pump and dump cmpanies that many people love to hype on web boards? "We have the revolutionary "Dip2Dip" 30G technology that will soon make everything anyone else is doing obsolete: if will deliver on godzillion bits per nanosecond, generate power from the noise level the device filters, and cook your breakfast at the same time!" ... "Buy our stock now!"

      Zvi is an excellent manager and strategic player. Alvarion has risen to become the leader in a troubled space. And you knock him for evangelizing WiMAX? WiMAX is at a crossroads and most people don't understand it very well... the job of the industry is to educate and build momentum for the industry, not present an image of immature companies too caught up in a fight among themselves to realize that the contest is gaining acceptance and momentum. IF the carriers are compeled to accpet WiMAX as a market as well as a technical phenomena, then Alvarion will do very well. I think that IF companies like Alvarion, Airspan and Intel keep the broad picture in focus that WiMAX will develop momentum and capture a significant part of the evolving WBB/mobile market. That is a huge prize to shoot for. Short term pumping of the stock is what short-term investors (who can see only as far as their noses?) care most about. But that isn't what the CEO of the leading company in the field should be doing.